Meet the Cast of Mzansi Magic’s New Drama Series “Queen Modjadji”


The highly anticipated drama series “Queen Modjadji” is set to captivate audiences with its rich storytelling, cultural significance, and a stellar ensemble cast. The show, premiering on Mzansi Magic, brings together some of South Africa’s most talented actors, each bringing depth and nuance to their respective roles. Here’s a look at the dynamic cast and the characters they portray in this exciting new series.

1. Ngelekanyo Ramulodi as Young Queen Modjadji (Maselegwani)

Ngelekanyo Ramulodi, known for her roles in Mzansi Magic’s “S’phiwo,” “Fatal Seduction,” and “Noughts & Crosses,” stars as the young Modjadji, 14-year-old Maselegwani. Her character is a pivotal part of the story, depicting the early years and challenges of the young queen as she steps into her significant role.

2. Masutang Rasekele as Dzugudini

Masutang Rasekele, a fresh face in the acting world, takes on the role of Dzugudini, the daughter of the Rain King and the mother of Queen Modjadji. Dzugudini’s character is instrumental in the narrative, as she plays a crucial part in saving the kingdom from a catastrophic drought, highlighting the resilience and strength of the women in the royal lineage.

3. Helen Lebepe as Raisibe

Helen Lebepe, with notable performances including a role in Mzansi Magic’s “Saints & Sinners” (now available on Showmax), portrays Raisibe. Raisibe assists Modjadji in understanding the real world of her people and becomes her trusted confidant, adding a layer of depth and loyalty to the storyline.

4. Thabo Bopape as Mambo Mugodo

Thabo Bopape, a well-known Mzansi film director, producer, and actor, plays Mambo Mugodo, the Supreme King of the Kharanga Kingdom. His character is obsessed with becoming the greatest rainmaker and is on a mission to rectify his past mistakes, restore balance as required by his ancestors, and end a severe drought, adding intense drama and conflict to the series.

5. Shudu Musida as Muthanoni Mulalo

Former Miss South Africa Shudu Musida makes her screen acting debut in “Queen Modjadji,” portraying Muthanoni Mulalo, one of the king/queen’s wives from the VhaVenda royal family. Her inclusion in the cast brings a fresh and regal presence, embodying the elegance and grace of her character.

6. Ndavi Nokeri as Muthanoni Khensani

Ndavi Nokeri, crowned Miss South Africa in 2022 and a representative at the Miss Universe Pageant, plays Muthanoni Khensani, another wife of the king/queen from the VaTsonga royal family. Her character, like Mulalo, adds to the rich tapestry of the royal family’s dynamics and the cultural diversity within the kingdom.

7. Wiseman Sitha and Warren Masemola

Wiseman Sitha and Warren Masemola are also integral parts of the “Queen Modjadji” cast. Their roles bring additional layers of intrigue and depth to the series, contributing to the complex and engaging narrative that unfolds.

Why You Should Watch “Queen Modjadji”

“Queen Modjadji” is more than just a drama series; it is a celebration of South African culture, heritage, and storytelling. With a cast of immensely talented actors, each bringing their unique skills and charisma to the screen, the series promises to be a captivating and educational experience for viewers. From the compelling performances to the intricate plotlines and cultural insights, “Queen Modjadji” is set to be a must-watch show on Mzansi Magic.

Mark your calendars for the premiere and prepare to be enthralled by the tale of a young queen’s rise to power and the fascinating characters that surround her. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey into the heart of the Rain Queen’s legacy.

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