About us

Founded in 2014, MyNewsroom.co.za has established itself as a premier South African blog dedicated to providing information across different types of topics. With a strong focus on empowering the youth, the blog covers areas such as internships, bursaries, education, lifestyle, and biographies of prominent individuals, among other topics.

Youth Opportunities: Internships and Bursaries

One of the standout features of MyNewsroom.co.za is its comprehensive coverage of youth opportunities. The blog frequently updates its readers with the latest internships and bursaries available across South Africa. This invaluable resource helps young South Africans navigate their career paths and educational journeys by providing detailed information on how to apply, eligibility criteria, and deadlines.


Education is another cornerstone of MyNewsroom.co.za. The blog offers insights into various educational institutions, programs, and initiatives. Whether you’re looking for information on tertiary education, vocational training, or professional development courses, MyNewsroom.co.za has you covered. The blog also provides practical tips and advice on how to excel academically and make informed decisions about your educational future.


In addition to its focus on opportunities and education, MyNewsroom.co.za also delves into lifestyle topics that resonate with its audience. From health and wellness tips to the latest trends in fashion and entertainment, the blog ensures that readers stay informed about the latest happenings and lifestyle choices. The lifestyle section offers a balanced mix of practical advice and engaging content to enhance the daily lives of its readers.

Biographies of Prominent People

MyNewsroom.co.za takes pride in showcasing the stories of notable South Africans. The blog features detailed biographies of influential figures from various sectors, including politics, business, arts, and sports. These biographies provide readers with inspiration and insight into the lives and achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to society.


Beyond the core topics, MyNewsroom.co.za covers a broad spectrum of subjects that cater to the interests of its diverse readership. From current events and technological advancements to social issues and cultural highlights, the blog strives to be a comprehensive source of information and inspiration.