University of South Africa (Unisa) 2024 Second Semester Registration Guide

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is gearing up for the 2024 second semester, and students who have secured their spot are urged to ensure their registration is completed accurately and on time. As a pioneer in open and distance e-learning, Unisa offers a flexible learning model that accommodates students with diverse schedules and commitments. This flexibility, combined with optional tutorials for some modules, makes Unisa an appealing choice for many.

Registration Details for Semester 2

Semester 2 Registration Period:
Start Date: 28 June 2024
End Date: 19 July 2024

Available Programs:

  • Undergraduate qualifications
  • Honours degrees
  • Postgraduate diplomas with semester modules

How to Register for Unisa Semester 2

Step-by-Step Registration Process:

  1. Visit the Unisa Web Registration Page:
  2. Choose Your Qualification Level:
    • Select your qualification level and click “Go”.
  3. Enter Your Student Number:
    • Enter your student number and other required details. If you don’t have a student number, apply online for admission first.
  4. Check and Update Your Details:
    • Ensure your address and cellphone number are correct to avoid delays.
  5. Select Your Modules:
    • Choose modules from the drop-down list, ensuring you meet all qualification requirements, prerequisites, and co-requisites. Enter the correct module code and select the correct semester. Do not exceed the prescribed number of modules.
  6. Get a Quote for Your Modules:
    • Use the free quotation link on the Unisa website to get a quote for your modules. Adjust your module selection if fees exceed your budget.
  7. Pay Your Fees:
    • Pay online via credit card or other listed Unisa payment methods, and keep proof of payment.
  8. Submit Your Registration:
    • Finally, submit your registration.

How to Check Your Unisa Semester Two Registration

  1. Visit the Unisa Registration Page:
  2. Enter Your Student Number:
    • Enter your student number.
  3. Follow the Prompts:
    • Follow the prompts to view your Unisa status.

Students who have registered and paid but have not received correspondence from Unisa should verify their payment details and check for any outstanding library books. After online registration approval, students must be patient as the process is completed. Ensure the minimum required fee is paid and allow 48 hours for payment to reflect.

A registration confirmation letter will be sent to your myLife email once it is finalized. You can also request this via myUnisa.

Important Notes

  • Students can register with both Unisa and another university simultaneously only if the Unisa registration is for non-degree purposes and with written permission from the other university. This permission must be submitted during application and registration.
  • Ensure all details are accurately provided to avoid delays and complications.

For any additional information or assistance, visit the Unisa registration page or contact Unisa’s support services. Don’t miss the opportunity to advance your education with Unisa’s flexible and comprehensive learning programs!

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