Scandal! Teasers: week of 22-26 July 2024

“Get ready for another intense week on Scandal! as the drama unfolds with shocking betrayals, simmering conflicts, and unexpected twists that will keep viewers glued to their screens. From tense confrontations to risky business ventures, each episode reveals deeper layers of intrigue and suspense. Join us as we dive into the latest episodes, where relationships are tested, secrets unravel, and decisions have far-reaching consequences. Here’s what’s in store for the week of 22-26 July 2024 on Scandal!, airing exclusively on every weekday at 19h30.”

Scandal teasers for Monday 22 July 2024 – Episode 82:

  • Three individuals face a nerve-wracking moment of truth.
  • Linda warns Jackie sternly about the consequences of her actions.

Scandal teasers for Tuesday 23 July 2024 – Episode 83:

  • Trouble arises during Vuvu’s honeymoon as suspicions of hidden motives emerge.
  • Tebello discovers a new opportunity for making money.

Scandal teasers for Wednesday 24 July 2024 – Episode 84:

  • A mother’s betrayal shocks her daughter.
  • Tebello takes charity to a new extreme.
  • Jakes finds temporary living conditions advantageous for financial gain.

Scandal teasers for Thursday 25 July 2024 – Episode 85:

  • Vuvu confronts Nhlamulo in anger and issues a serious threat.
  • Despite pressure, Tebello remains determined in his endeavors.
  • Hilda resorts to blackmailing Bra Jakes.

Scandal teasers for Friday 26 July 2024 – Episode 86:

  • A life is turned upside down with the arrival of the police.
  • Tibi receives a surprising donation from a familiar face.
  • Jakes and Hilda employ unethical tactics to sustain their newly established business.

Catch these gripping episodes of Scandal! airing on from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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