Mpumalanga Dept of Education School Admissions Application 2024 / 2025

As the academic calendar steadily progresses towards the new year, the Mpumalanga Department of Education has officially opened the admissions application period for the 2025 school year. For parents and guardians in Mpumalanga, ensuring timely compliance with application timelines and requirements is crucial for securing placements for their children in Grade 1 and Grade 8.

Important Dates to Remember

The admissions process for the 2025 academic year commenced on May 2, 2024, and is set to conclude on August 30, 2024. With approximately two months remaining, parents are urged to act promptly to ensure all necessary documents and applications are submitted within this timeframe.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Mpumalanga Schools

1. Prepare Required Documents

The initial step in the admissions process involves gathering essential documents for registration:

  • Birth Certificate: Proof of the child’s date of birth.
  • Identity Documents (ID): IDs of parents or guardians.
  • Study Permits and Passports: For non-citizen learners, necessary immigration documents.
  • Proof of Residence: Documents confirming the residential address.

In cases where these documents are unavailable, an affidavit or sworn statement signed by the parent, caregiver, or guardian can serve as alternative proof.

2. Capturing Details

Schools are mandated to collect and record detailed information about the parent, guardian, or caregiver, including:

  • Full names
  • Identity numbers
  • Residential addresses (both postal and residential)
  • Contact details (home, work, and cell phone numbers)
  • Next of kin contact details for emergencies

Ensuring accuracy and completeness in capturing this information is essential for the application process.

3. Verification of Information

Principals are responsible for compiling and submitting all collected information to the Circuit Office for review by the District Director. Verification processes are crucial to authenticate the accuracy, reliability, and validity of the submitted information.

Special Considerations

Undocumented Learners: The Mpumalanga Department of Education upholds the constitutional right to education for all children, including those without standard documentation. Affidavits or sworn statements are accepted as alternative proofs of identity and residence.

Special Schools: Learners requiring specialized support due to barriers to learning must follow the established policy on screening, identification, assessment, and support. Parents are required to provide relevant supporting documents such as medical and therapist reports to facilitate appropriate placement.

Admission Ages and Requirements

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres: Children must be 4½ years old, turning 5 by June 30 of the admission year. Required documents include a birth certificate, Road to Health Card (Clinic Card), and parent ID copies.
  • Grade 1 Admissions: Children must be 5 years old, turning 6 by June 30 of the admission year. Similarly, birth certificates, Road to Health Cards (Clinic Cards), and parent ID copies are required for applications.

Ensuring compliance with these age and document requirements is crucial for successful admissions.


Navigating the admissions process for Mpumalanga schools requires careful attention to detail and adherence to timelines. By preparing necessary documents, accurately capturing information, and understanding special considerations, parents can streamline the application process and secure placements for their children effectively.

For more information and updates on Mpumalanga’s school admissions, visit the official Mpumalanga Department of Education website or contact your local education district office. Let’s work together to ensure every child’s educational journey begins on a solid foundation.

Stay tuned to our blog for further educational insights and updates. Best wishes to all parents and learners embarking on this important journey!

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