Maqueen Letsoha-Mathae | Biography, Profile, ANC, Free State Premier

Birth Name:Maqueen Joyce Letsoha-Mathae
Current Position:8th Premier of the Free State
Date of Birth03 February 1969 (age 55 years)
Place of BirthNorth-West
Nationality:South African
Political Party:African National Congress

Maqueen Joyce Letsoha-Mathae, born on February 3, 1969, is a prominent South African politician and a dedicated member of the African National Congress (ANC). She currently serves as the 8th Premier of the Free State, a role she assumed following her extensive career in public service and provincial governance.

Early Life and Education

Details about Letsoha-Mathae’s early life and education remain sparse. Her rise within the ranks of the ANC and her commitment to public service, however, have been well-documented.

Political Career

Member of the Free State Provincial Legislature

In March 2023, Letsoha-Mathae was elected as a Member of the Free State Provincial Legislature. Her tenure in the legislature was marked by her advocacy for community safety and infrastructure development, which soon led to her appointment to a crucial executive role.

MEC for Community Safety, Roads and Transport

From March 2023 until June 2024, Letsoha-Mathae served as the MEC for Community Safety, Roads and Transport in the Free State Executive Council. In this capacity, she was responsible for overseeing policies and initiatives aimed at improving road safety, enhancing transportation infrastructure, and ensuring community safety across the province. Her leadership in this role was characterized by her proactive approach to tackling transportation challenges and enhancing the safety of Free State residents.

Premier of the Free State

In June 2024, Maqueen Joyce Letsoha-Mathae was appointed as the Premier of the Free State. As the Premier, she has continued to focus on her commitment to public service, emphasizing economic development, infrastructure improvement, and community welfare. Her tenure as Premier is expected to bring about significant advancements in

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