Lazarus Mokgosi | Biography, Profile, ANC, North-West Premier

Birth Name:Lazarus Mokgosi
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthNorth-West
Nationality:South African
Political Party:African National Congress

Lazarus “Lazzy” Mokgosi is a prominent South African politician and a dedicated member of the African National Congress (ANC). He has been serving as a Member of the North West Provincial Legislature since December 2022 and was elected as the Premier of North West in June 2024.

Early Political Career

Mokgosi’s political journey gained significant momentum in August 2022 when he was elected as the Deputy Provincial Chairperson of the ANC’s North West branch. His election was a part of a slate of candidates aligned with Nono Maloyi, who secured the position of ANC Provincial Chairperson at the same elective conference. Mokgosi emerged victorious against Paul Sebegoe, garnering 353 votes to Sebegoe’s 311.

Ascension to the Provincial Legislature

Following his election as Deputy Provincial Chairperson, Mokgosi’s influence within the ANC continued to grow. In December 2022, he was sworn into the North West Provincial Legislature. This appointment came after the ANC amended its party list to promote him, filling a vacancy created by the resignation of Wendy Matsemela earlier that month.

Leadership and Vision

Mokgosi’s election to the provincial legislature marked the beginning of a new chapter in his political career. As a key member of the ANC, he has been instrumental in shaping the party’s strategies and policies in the North West region. His leadership style is characterized by a commitment to transparency, community development, and effective governance.

Premier of North West

In June 2024, Lazarus Mokgosi was elected as the Premier of North West, taking on one of the most critical roles in the provincial government. His tenure as Premier is expected to focus on addressing key issues such as economic development, infrastructure improvement, and social services enhancement. Mokgosi’s experience in the provincial legislature and his deep-rooted connection with the ANC provide him with a solid foundation to lead North West towards a prosperous future.


Lazarus “Lazzy” Mokgosi’s rise within the ANC and his subsequent election as the Premier of North West highlight his dedication to public service and his ability to lead. His commitment to the principles of the ANC and his vision for the future of North West position him as a pivotal figure in South African politics. As Premier, Mokgosi is poised to bring positive change and development to the province, ensuring that the needs and aspirations of its residents are met with diligence and care.

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