Humile Mashatile | Biography, Age, Children, Paul Mashatile’s wife

Quick Facts

Full NameHumile Bogatsu Mashatile
Date of Birth1986 (age 38 years)
Place of BirthSouth Africa
Current RoleSecond Lady of South Africa
First MarriageSongezo Mjongile (m. 2011, d. 2020)
ChildrenZondwa Songezo Jnr, Goapele Zenani Mjongile
Professional BackgroundPersonal Assistant at ASA, Security Company Owner
Philanthropic WorkFounder of the Songezo Mjongile Foundation
Current MarriagePaul Mashatile, Deputy President of South Africa
BrotherTebogo Bogatsu
Notable EventsMarriage to Songezo Mjongile, Launch of Cancer Foundation, Marriage to Paul Mashatile

Humile Mashatile, born Humile Bogatsu, has become a prominent figure in South Africa due to her marriage to the Deputy President, Paul Mashatile. Her life story is marked by personal achievements, family dedication, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Early Life and Marriage

Humile was born into the Bogatsu family and later took the surname Mjongile after her marriage in 2011. She tied the knot with Songezo Mjongile, the former ANC Western Cape Secretary, in a ceremony where her brother Tebogo walked her down the aisle. Her marriage to Songezo was a significant chapter in her life, marked by both joy and hardship.

Family and Children

Humile is a devoted mother of two children, a son named Zondwa Songezo Jnr and a daughter named Goapele Zenani Mjongile. Her role as a mother is central to her life, and she has shown immense strength in maintaining her family unit through challenging times.

Career and Professional Life

Humile’s career includes working as the personal assistant to Athletics South Africa (ASA) boss Leonard Cheune. This period in her life was controversial, as Cheune used ASA funds to bribe a former staff member to keep quiet about his affair with Humile. Despite this, she continued to forge her path professionally.

During her marriage to Songezo Mjongile, Humile ran a security company in Cape Town. This entrepreneurial venture showcased her business acumen and dedication to contributing to her family’s well-being.

Personal Tragedy and Resilience

In 2020, Humile faced a devastating loss when her husband, Songezo Mjongile, passed away after a long battle with colon cancer. This tragedy deeply affected her, but she channeled her grief into a positive cause by launching the Songezo Mjongile Foundation a year after his death. The foundation is dedicated to cancer awareness and support, honoring her late husband’s legacy and providing help to those in need.

Marriage to Paul Mashatile

At 37 years old, Humile Mashatile is now married to South Africa’s new Deputy President, Paul Mashatile, who is 24 years her senior. Their marriage has brought her into the public eye as the Second Lady of South Africa. Despite the age difference, their relationship is a testament to their mutual respect and shared commitment to public service.

Humile Mashatile’s journey reflects her resilience, dedication to family, and commitment to making a positive impact through her philanthropic work. As the new Second Lady of South Africa, she continues to inspire with her strength and dedication to her roles both in her family and in the public sphere.

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