How to Fill Out the SA Government Z83 Form: A Comprehensive Guide

Applying for a government position in South Africa typically involves completing the Z83 form. This form is essential for the recruitment process, ensuring that your application is considered. Here’s a detailed guide to help you fill out the Z83 form accurately.

Purpose of the Z83 Form

The Z83 form is designed to assist government departments in selecting candidates for advertised positions. It helps identify candidates to be interviewed, requiring you to fill in all sections completely, accurately, and legibly to ensure fair processing of your application.

Who Should Complete the Z83 Form?

The form should be completed by anyone wishing to apply for an advertised position within a government department.

Additional Information

The Z83 form requires basic information, but candidates selected for interviews will be requested to furnish additional certified information necessary for the final selection.

Special Notes

  1. Confidentiality: All information will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and used only to assess suitability for the position.
  2. Passport Number: Non-South African applicants must provide their passport number.
  3. Employment Equity Act: Information on race and gender is required to comply with this act.
  4. Relevance: Information provided will only be considered if it directly relates to the position requirements.
  5. Criminal Records: Any criminal records will be evaluated against job functions in line with internal security and disciplinary codes.
  6. Additional Information: Applicants can submit additional information if space provided is insufficient.
  7. Certified Documents: Attach certified documents that are up to 6 months old, unless the advertisement specifies otherwise.
  8. Signature: Ensure the form is signed and initialed. Unsigned forms may be disqualified.

Step-by-Step Guide to Filling Out the Z83 Form

Section A: The Advertised Post

  1. Position for which you are applying: Write the job title exactly as advertised.
  2. Department where the position was advertised: Indicate the department (e.g., Department of Health).
  3. Reference number: Include the reference number from the job advertisement.
  4. Availability: State when you can start or the notice period required by your current employer.

Section B: Personal Information

  1. Surname and Full Names: As per your ID document.
  2. Date of Birth: Format: DD/MM/YY.
  3. Identity Number: South African ID number.
  4. Passport Number: For non-South Africans.
  5. Race: Select your race (African/Coloured/Indian/White).
  6. Gender: Indicate your gender (Female/Male/Non-Binary).
  7. Disability: State if you have a disability.
  8. Citizenship: Indicate if you are a South African citizen. If not, specify nationality and work permit details.
  9. Criminal Record: Declare any criminal convictions or pending cases.
  10. Dismissal from Public Service: Indicate if you have been dismissed or have any pending disciplinary cases.
  11. Business with the State: Declare if you are conducting business with the State or if you will relinquish such interests upon employment.
  12. Work Experience: Specify your total years of experience in both the private and public sectors.
  13. Professional Registration: If applicable, provide your registration date and number.

Section C: Contact Details and Medium of Communication

  1. Preferred Language for Correspondence: Indicate your preferred language (e.g., English, Afrikaans).
  2. Method for Correspondence: Select post, email, fax, or telephone.
  3. Contact Details: Provide contact details based on your chosen method of correspondence.

Section D: South African Official Language Proficiency

State your proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading South African languages (good, fair, or poor).

Section E: Formal Qualification

  1. List Qualifications: From highest to lowest.
  2. Name of School/College: Include the name of the institution and the qualification obtained, along with the year.
  3. Current Study: Mention your current institution and qualification if applicable.

Section F: Work Experience

  1. Employer Details: Include current and previous employers, positions held, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving.
  2. Re-appointment Conditions: Indicate if there are any conditions preventing re-appointment in the Public Service.

Section G: References

Provide at least three references, including their names, relationship to you, and contact details.


Read the declaration carefully. By signing, you affirm that the information provided is true and correct. Sign and date the form.

Final Steps

  1. Review: Double-check all the information to ensure accuracy.
  2. Attach Documents: Attach certified copies of your ID, qualifications, and other relevant documents as specified in the job advertisement.
  3. Submit: Submit the completed Z83 form along with your attachments according to the instructions in the job advertisement (via email, postal mail, or hand delivery).


Filling out the Z83 form accurately and thoroughly is essential for your job application to be considered. Follow this guide, provide all required information, and ensure you attach the necessary documents. Good luck with your application!

By adhering to these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to submit a comprehensive and professional application to the South African government.

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