How to Download DPSA Circular 23 of 2024: Latest Government Job Opportunities

Are you on the lookout for the latest government job opportunities in South Africa? The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) has released Circular 23 of 2024, which lists numerous job openings across various national and provincial departments. This guide will walk you through the process of downloading the circular and navigating its contents to find the perfect job for you.

What is DPSA Circular 23 of 2024?

DPSA Circular 23 of 2024 is a document released on 28 June 2024, detailing the latest government job vacancies. It includes positions available in both national departments and provincial administrations. Whether you’re looking to work in health, education, or other sectors, this circular has a wide array of opportunities.

How to Download DPSA Circular 23 of 2024

Downloading the circular is a simple process. Follow these steps to access the latest government job opportunities:

  1. Visit the DPSA Website: Go to the official DPSA website. You can do this by typing “DPSA Circulars” into your preferred search engine or by entering the following URL directly into your browser: DPSA Circulars.
  2. Find Circular 23 of 2024: Look for the section labeled “Latest Circulars” or “Recent Circulars.” Here, you will find a list of the most recently posted circulars. Locate Circular 23 of 2024, which should be posted on 28 June 2024.
  3. Download the Full Document: Click on the link provided to download the full document. For your convenience, you can also click here to view the full document: Circular 23.

Navigating the DPSA Circular

Once you’ve downloaded Circular 23 of 2024, you can start exploring the job opportunities available. The circular is divided into sections for national departments and provincial administrations.

National Departments

Under this section, you’ll find vacancies listed by various national departments. For example:

  • Health: Positions available in the Department of Health.

Provincial Administrations

This section lists job vacancies by province. Here are some of the provinces included:

    To view vacancies in a specific department or administration, simply click on the name of the department or provincial administration listed in the circular. This will take you to a detailed list of available positions, including job descriptions, requirements, and application procedures.

    Stay Updated with the DPSA WhatsApp Channel

    For real-time updates and notifications on the latest job vacancies, you can join the DPSA Vacancy Circular WhatsApp Channel. This channel provides instant alerts and ensures you never miss out on a job opportunity.


    DPSA Circular 23 of 2024 is a valuable resource for anyone seeking government employment in South Africa. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily download the circular, navigate its contents, and find the job that suits your qualifications and interests. Don’t forget to join the DPSA WhatsApp Channel for the latest updates and start your journey towards a rewarding government career today!

    For more information, visit the DPSA website or contact the DPSA directly. Happy job hunting!

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