Gayton McKenzie | Biography, Age, Wife, Children, PA, Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture

Quick Facts

Full NameGayton McKenzie
Date of Birth10 March 1974 (age 50 years)
Current PositionMinister of Sports, Arts and Culture, South Africa (since July 2024)
Previous RolesExecutive Mayor, Central Karoo District Municipality
Political PartyPatriotic Alliance (President)
Business VenturesMotivational Speaking, Author, Consulting (Mining), Diverse Business Holdings (Restaurants, Hotels, Logistics, etc.)
Books PublishedThe Choice: The Gayton McKenzie Story, A Hustler’s Bible, The Uncomfortable Truth, Trapped, Kill Zuma By Any Means Necessary, A Hustler’s Bible: The New Testament
Early LifeGrew up in Heidedal, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Criminal PastFormerly jailed for robbery, served 17 years
FamilySpouse: Nicolette Joubert McKenzie<br>Children: 2 daughters – Kenya and Zara McKenzie

Gayton McKenzie (born 10 March 1974) is a prominent South African politician, businessman, motivational speaker, and author. He currently serves as the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture in South Africa since July 2024. McKenzie’s life story is marked by a dramatic transformation from a criminal background to becoming a respected figure in business and politics.

Early Life and Background

Gayton McKenzie grew up in Heidedal, a neighborhood in Bloemfontein, South Africa. During the apartheid era, McKenzie became involved in crime, which ultimately led to his imprisonment for robbery. He spent 17 years in prison, where he later gained attention for his role in exposing corruption within the prison system, a move that contributed to his early release amid the investigation by the Jali Commission of Inquiry.

Business Ventures and Motivational Speaking

After his release, McKenzie turned his life around, leveraging his experiences to become a motivational speaker. He traveled extensively across South Africa, delivering talks sponsored by a security company. McKenzie’s motivational speaking career became popular as he shared his personal journey of transformation and success.

McKenzie also ventured into business, particularly in consulting within the mining industry in Zimbabwe. Over the years, he has diversified his business interests, which include restaurants, hotels, logistics and transport, imports, mining, energy, entertainment and events, publishing, and farming.


Gayton McKenzie is a prolific author, with several of his books becoming bestsellers in South Africa. His notable works include:

  • The Choice: The Gayton McKenzie Story
  • A Hustler’s Bible
  • The Uncomfortable Truth
  • Trapped
  • Kill Zuma By Any Means Necessary
  • A Hustler’s Bible: The New Testament

His books often reflect his life experiences, providing insights into his personal journey, entrepreneurship, and political perspectives.

Political Career

In 2013, Gayton McKenzie launched the Patriotic Alliance political party and became its first president. The party has been noted for its provocative political discourse and controversial stances on various issues. McKenzie, alongside his longtime associate Kenny Kunene, has used open letters and public statements to engage in political debate and attract media attention.

Personal Life

Gayton McKenzie is married to Nicolette Joubert McKenzie. They have two daughters, Kenya and Zara McKenzie.

Gayton McKenzie’s life is a testament to personal reinvention and entrepreneurial spirit, from a troubled past to a multifaceted career in business and politics in post-apartheid South Africa.

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