Department of Basic Education (DBE) 2024 October/November Final Matric Exam Timetable

As the academic year progresses, South African matric students are gearing up for one of the most significant milestones in their educational journey—the final matric examinations. Scheduled by the Department of Basic Education (DBE), these exams are pivotal in determining students’ future academic and career paths. Here’s everything you need to know about the DBE’s October/November 2024 matric exam timetable.

Understanding the Timetable

The DBE has meticulously crafted the exam timetable to ensure a fair and efficient assessment process for all matriculants across the country. The exams are structured over several weeks, covering a wide range of subjects to comprehensively evaluate students’ knowledge and skills.

Dates and Subjects

Here’s the National Senior Certificate (NSC) October/November Examinations Timetable for 2024, amended as of 14th June 2024, presented in a table format:

WEEK 109:00 – 14:00
Monday 21/10English HL P3 (3hrs), English FAL P3 (2½hrs), English SAL P3 (2½hrs), Afrikaans HL P3 (3hrs), Afrikaans FAL P3 (2½hrs), Afrikaans SAL P3 (2½hrs)
Tuesday 22/10Computer Applications Tech P1 (3hrs) Practical, Various SAL P1 (2hrs), Latin SAL P1 (3hrs), Portuguese HL/FAL/SAL P1 (2hrs), Hebrew SAL P1 (2hrs), German HL/SAL P1 (2hrs)
Wednesday 23/10Business Studies P1 (2hrs), Information Technology P1 (3hrs) Practical
Thursday 24/10isiZulu, isiXhosa, siSwati, isiNdebele HL P3 (3hrs), FAL/SAL P3 (2½hrs), Various HL/FAL/SAL P1 (2hrs)
Friday 25/10Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga, Tshivenda HL P3 (3hrs), FAL/SAL P3 (2½hrs), South African Sign Language HL P3 (3hrs), Various SAL P2 (2hrs), Equine Studies (3hrs)
WEEK 209:00 – 14:00
Monday 28/10English HL/FAL/SAL P1 (2hrs), Various HL/FAL/SAL P2 (2hrs), Marine Sciences P1 (2½hrs)
Tuesday 29/10History P1 (3hrs), Engineering Graphics and Design P1 (3hrs), French SAL P2 (2hrs)
Wednesday 30/10isiZulu, isiXhosa, siSwati, isiNdebele HL/FAL/SAL P1 (2hrs), Business Studies P2 (2hrs)
Friday 01/11Mathematics P1 (3hrs), Mathematical Literacy P1 (3hrs), Technical Mathematics P1 (3hrs), Religion Studies P1 (2hrs), Sport and Exercise Science (3hrs)
WEEK 309:00 – 14:00
Monday 04/11Mathematics P2 (3hrs), Mathematical Literacy P2 (3hrs), Technical Mathematics P2 (3hrs), Various HL/FAL/SAL P3 (2½hrs)
Tuesday 05/11Geography P1 (3hrs), Computer Applications Tech P2 (Theory) (3hrs), Nautical Science P1 (3hrs)
Wednesday 06/11Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga, Tshivenda HL/FAL/SAL P1 (2hrs), South African Sign Language HL P1 (2hrs), Information Technology P2 (Theory) (3hrs)
Thursday 07/11History P2 (3hrs), Consumer Studies (3hrs), Hospitality Studies (3hrs)
Friday 08/11Physical Sciences (Physics) P1 (3hrs), Technical Sciences P1 (3hrs), Dramatic Arts (3hrs)
WEEK 409:00 – 14:00
Monday 11/11Physical Sciences (Chemistry) P2 (3hrs), Technical Sciences P2 (1½hrs), Dance Studies (3hrs)
Tuesday 12/11isiZulu, isiXhosa, siSwati, isiNdebele HL/FAL/SAL P2 (2½hrs), Economics P1 (2hrs)
Wednesday 13/11English HL/FAL/SAL P2 (2½hrs), Engineering Graphics and Design P2 (3hrs)
Thursday 14/11Accounting P1 (2hrs), Tourism (3hrs)
Friday 15/11Life Sciences P1 (2½hrs), Civil Technology (3hrs)
WEEK 509:00 – 14:00
Monday 18/11Life Sciences P2 (2½hrs), Visual Arts P1 (3hrs), Electrical Technology (3hrs)
Tuesday 19/11Afrikaans HL/FAL/SAL P1 (2hrs), Economics P2 (2hrs)
Wednesday 20/11Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Xitsonga, Tshivenda HL/FAL/SAL P2 (2½hrs), South African Sign Language HL P2 (2½hrs), Mechanical Technology (3hrs)
Thursday 21/11Geography P2 (3hrs), Religion Studies P2 (2hrs), Maritime Economics (3hrs)
Friday 22/11Accounting P2 (2hrs), Agricultural Sciences P1 (2½hrs)
WEEK 609:00 – 14:00
Monday 25/11Afrikaans HL/FAL/SAL P2 (2½hrs), Agricultural Sciences P2 (2½hrs), Nautical Science P2 (3hrs)
Tuesday 26/11Music P1 Theory (3hrs), Agricultural Technology (3hrs), Music P2 Comprehension (1½hrs)
Wednesday 27/11Agricultural Management Practices (3hrs), Marine Sciences P2 (2½hrs), Design P1 (3hrs)
Thursday 28/11CAT P1 rewrite (3hrs) Practical, IT P1 rewrite (3hrs) Practical
Monday 2 SeptemberLife Orientation (LO CAT) (2½hrs)
12 August to 14 OctoberPerforming Arts Practical
1 October to 14 OctoberVisual Arts and Design Practical

For any inquiries, please contact Dr RR Poliah at the Chief Directorate: National Assessment and Public Examinations (NAPE), 012 357 3900.

This timetable is subject to amendments or updates. Students are advised to verify details closer to the examination dates.

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