Zinto and the Sandton SPCA promote the humane treatment of animals

The Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto) together with the Sandton SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will embark on an edutainment roadshow from the 4th to 7th July 2016. Taking place at the animal rescue centre in Marlboro, it will introduce children from Alexandra Township to its educational initiative.

As part of its holiday programme, the SPCA aims to promote responsible pet ownership among children from lesser-resourced communities who share a special bond with their pets as well as teaching them the importance of sterilisation, health, hygiene, nutrition and the ethical treatment of animals.

The campaign intends to communicate key messages about preventing neglect and mistreatment of our four-legged friends and promoting better animal care and welfare in the community at large.

Zinto’s edutainment format cleverly incorporates pop culture and the brand character ‘Ken’ who imparts educational messages through a format that minors can understand. The visual nature transcends communication and language barriers, enabling adolescents to learn while enjoying the experience.

Through positive exposure to the animals, the interactive show enables youngsters to become familiar with cats and dogs and reassures them that they are loyal and devoted companions.

Focus sessions and discussion groups teach the kids about the positive work the SPCA is doing and the knock-on effect it has on the well-being of the community. The centre cares for up to 300 stray, abandoned, rescued and unwanted canines and felines.

The purpose is to build support from a young age by encouraging the urban youth market to adopt, donate or become a volunteer at the shelter.

The infotainment platform also emphasises the need for ongoing health and safety checks and encourages children to continue to contribute to humane treatment of all living creatures.

For more information visit www.zinto.co.za or contact 011 553 1000

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