Why mid-year registrations at the IMM Graduate School are an imperative

In a globally interconnected world, employers expect more. Distance is almost irrelevant which means that to be ‘adequately’ educated may no longer be enough to secure precious few local positions, let alone being able to respond to worldwide recruiters. As our standard of living shrinks and industries and governments shift their resources globally at a faster pace, the value of an investment in furthering your degree, or obtaining a new one, promotes how competitively positioned you are to change your life.

“Higher qualifications are a game-changer,” says the IMM Graduate School Academic director, Helen McIntee.  “Business positions are becoming more sophisticated, requiring specialised skills, which, when combined with experience, demonstrate that an individual has the right balance of temerity and knowledge. For those with general business degrees, a parallel marketing or supply chain degree can also be of extreme value to an organisation.”

The rewards are obvious: not only are the odds increased to achieve a higher income but the future is secured because an academic credential is for life. Expanding, finishing or starting a degree demonstrates to an employer that you are able to multi-task, that you are driven to succeed, and have self-discipline … qualities that many employers seek.

“Lifelong jobs are a thing of the past,” explains McIntee. “Outsourcing, global competition and economies of scale are seriously impacting on job security. People with higher levels of education do tend to be further ahead of the unemployment curve however and are also better positioned to become self-employed if that is the desire. “

Self-funding a degree or module with the IMM Graduate School is affordable because it allows students to study over time paying fees in bite-able chunks. This has the advantage of not just affordability but being able to pace studies to fit into an existing lifestyle. It is also not unheard of for a company to reimburse a student who qualifies during tenure but even if that is not the case, further qualifications do increase opportunities for salary advances and further help break through the corporate advancement ceiling.

An IMM Graduate School marketing, business, or supply chain curriculum is laced with many more advantages than just it’s affordability such as learning from experts in their field, exposure to a wide array of social media platforms of like-minded professionals, scheduling study time anywhere at any time, access to in-depth learner guides, workshops and DVDs, and an online student portal.

Mid-year registrations at the IMM Graduate School are geared especially to cater to a four-fold target market:  to encourage lapsed students to revive their studies; individuals who are already in a corporate environment wanting to expand their knowledge; students who wish to change their existing course of study; and GAP year students.

Forthcoming registration days for an IMM Graduate School qualifications are to be held on 30 July, and 06 August from 09h00-13h00.  Venues include the IMM Graduate School administrative offices in Milpark, Sandton, Pretoria and Greenstone (Gauteng); Morningside (Durban); Claremont and Stellenbosch (Cape); and Harare in Zimbabwe.

For further information please contact the IMM Graduate School – 011 628-2000 or