Vilebrequin – a lifetime of stylish quality

International fashion brand Vilebrequin have been leading the way when it comes to creating swim trunks and leisurewear that is not only functional and flattering, but also announces the wearer as an individual with an appreciation of quality, a sense of style and sophistication. The swim trunks were originally conceived from a chequered tablecloth by French journalist Fred Prysquel in St Tropez during the early 70’s in a moment of creative inspiration. Fred and his friends were tired of the run of the mill standard offer and decided to take matters into their own hands. Today, almost half a century on, Vilebrequin has become an iconic global luxury brand sporting a range of beach and resort wear and that is seen the world over, in a variety of carefully thought out prints. They have also quickly found favour with international celebrities such as Jude Law, the British Royalty, Jay Z, George Clooney and his close ally Brad Pitt, amongst others.

The Vilebrequin brand is not only synonymous with style and sophistication but also with quality and durability.  The trunks are made from a special high-density quick drying polyamide material. The Yarn is sourced from an Italian Mill and is woven in Spain, then sent to Italy or France to be embroidered.  The trunks are then carefully constructed to keep the print seamless and offer the most effective drainage.  While the ultra-comfortable mesh lining is constructed from hypoallergenic polyester fibre surrounded by strands of cotton. And if damaged the lining can be replaced free of charge.

Taking this highly artisanal and meticulous creation process into account the price tag starting from R2450 for the plain and from R3450 for the printed classic Moorea trunks is justifiable  as these classics will last a lifetime and are stylishly timeless, a true leisure wear investment.

Not only creating swim trunks for men, Vilebrequin offers resort and beach wear, including polo shirts, linen Bermudas and shirts, for both men, women and children; as well as an extensive range of beach accessories including canvas bags, towels and caps.

Vilebrequin stores are located in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, Melrose Arch and Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg and Thesen Island in Knysna.

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