Vega Bordeaux students put SA on the map at global 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Three teams of third year BA Creative Brand Communication (BCB) students from Vega School Johannesburg have been accepted into the semi-finals stage of the prestigious 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) #ADAA16Semis. The ADAA, is a global digital media competition for student creators. It is connected to industry professionals, academic leaders, top brands and aims to launch the next generation of student designers’ careers.

National Marketing Manager, Nicky Stanley of Vega School, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), believes that the success of these Vega students is an enormous accomplishment. “The ADAA receives on average 5,000 submissions from more than 70 countries. The student entries are judged for originality, effectiveness in meeting the communication objective and skill in applying Adobe products.”

“We are therefore once again delighted that students from our Johannesburg campus join other teams from Cape Town and Durban as semi-finalists in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Our visual arts students have joined aspiring designers from all over the world to enter this competition. Given the level of stiff international competition, it is no small achievement that so many Vega under-graduates have made it to the semi-finalist stage,” continues Stanley.

On the ADAA competition, the students all agree that although it was a challenge, the experience has been rewarding. They were allowed to really express their creativity in a new and unique way while highlighting a social issue or communicating an important message to the audience.

Stacy Barlow, and Peyton Butler entered their Once In a Lifetime concept in the category of Commercial – Print/Graphic/Illustration. “Through the use of our campaign’s vacation theme, while collaborating with the World Wildlife Fund and Contiki, we will show that volunteering can be fun through these once in a lifetime experience. People want to know where their funding goes and want something in return. The main issue from our research was that people want to help, but do not know how to get involved,” says Barlow.

Butler also entered a submission with Keegan Harbour entitled Split It refuse bag in the Social Impact – Photography/Print/Illustration/Graphic category. The pair explains: “People believe recycling takes up too much time, money and space in the home and most do not feel inclined to recycle their refuse. My concept is to create a product that will help streamline the recycling process without compromising the consumers’ lifestyles, while educating them on the importance of recycling and their environmental impact. The bag is made of recyclable materials and divided into five segments that the consumer can use to pre-sort their recyclable materials.”

Meera Karsan, Ryan Goutier and Connor Smith – entered Declare War on Winter in the category of Social Impact – Photography/Print/Illustration/Graphic. “On behalf of SIR Fruit, the communication takes the form of a full integrated campaign, consisting of a series of posters, a packaging design and an app. The subject of the communication is the ‘Winter Warpack’, a new packaging design containing four flavours of SIR Fruit: mango, granadillas, pomegranate and sweet C mandarin, promoting the specific health benefits of each,” they explain.

“Their progress in this competition speaks volumes of the level of creative talent in this country, and we anxiously await the results of the ADAA competition in September 2016,”concludes Stanley.

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