Ubiquiti UniFi provides high-speed Wi-Fi to large number of students

An increase in the number of learners accessing the Internet led to a reevaluation of Kyalami Schools Group’s networking requirements. Incorporating three high-performing independent (private) schools, Beaulieu Preparatory, Kyalami Preparatory and Beaulieu College, the Group was facing issues with the density of users, secure authentication and low data throughput. In addition, the system was unmanaged, with local passwords on multiple SSIDs.

“We have worked with MiRO for about ten years, using their wireless bridges, VoIP and IP CCTV products, so we were confident that they would be able to design a system that was geared around high throughput and connectivity, reliability and user friendliness,” says the Group’s David Rogers.

Leveraging MiRO’s extensive experience in providing customised solutions, the holistic system integrated Radius authentication with the Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro AP units. The UniFi AC Pro AP units feature the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac 3×3 MIMO technology, and have delivered improved throughput, eliminated insecure passwords and provided authentication against AD servers.

“We decided to replace our standard UniFi units with this new generation of products. One of the advantages is that we are able to use the built-in spectrum analyser to determine the best available channels. In addition, it enables us to move from 2.4 GHz to 5G Hz. As part of same project we moved from password-based SSID (WEP) to RADIUS authentication for improved security levels,” Rogers points out.

As a test run, the Group measured the efficacy of the network when all 27 users in a class simultaneously watched different movies on the Plex server. The network performed faultlessly with no loss in throughput and speed. The entire system was deployed over a five day period.

“I highly recommend finding a brand, such as MiRO’s Ubiquiti UniFi, and sticking with it as it allows one to expand within one framework rather than removing all the elements and starting from scratch when an upgrade is needed. We are very pleased with the performance of the UniFi AC Pro AP units and the exemplary service we received from the MiRO team,” Rogers concludes.