Trice Mazwi – An organic, natural and holistic lifestyler

We often here business coaches saying that a business should grow organically which makes sense in that context. However, once the ‘organic’ word leaves the plush boardrooms in the city to kitchens, it is used to describe the various ingredients used to prepare the daily meals we often brag about to our friends and family amongst other things. Majority of South Africans believe organic lifestyle start and end with food, and also that adopting the lifestyle is expensive which is not entirely true.  Who better to clarify any misconceptions and expand more on how organic living can positively impact one’s life than Trice, an amazing Schwarzkopf Professional Mrs. South Africa #Top25 Finalist, – a woman who adopted the lifestyle years ago.

Trice Mazwi was announced as part of the Schwarzkopf Professional Mrs. South Africa 2016 Top 25 weeks ago to compete for the crown later this year. Schwarzkopf Professional Mrs. South Africa pageant is a not a beauty pageant as it is frequently mentioned but an empowerment program aimed at women. Trice Mazwi aims to empower everyone from teenagers to grandmothers with her powerful story and most importantly hopes to engage the community at large regarding organic lifestyle – What it entails and the health benefits associated with it.

Trice Mazwi is a metaphysical scientist passionate about an organic, natural and holistic lifestyle. She is the founder of Organic Health Events that hosts Organic Life Fairs across South Africa (second one planned for later this year), promoting family relaxed fun days in an organic, natural health fitness, educational, holistic as well as mind and body empowering ways.

Trice Mazwi nee Motsepe’s to creating the Organic Life Fair started out with the birth of her daughter, Otlile – a life changing event that saw her give up her glitz and glamour lifestyle as model, TV presenter and advisor on beauty and etiquette to embark on the road of soul discovery. Otlile was born with an incurable disease, and doctors estimated she would live just two months. That catapulted Mazwi into a frantic search to save her baby’s life. Getting no answers from western medicine, she started looking into organic healing methods and practices, taking Otlile to numerologists, astrologers, body talkers, stress release practitioners, craneo-sacral therapists, and more.

“All these modalities made it easier for me to understand what was wrong with my daughter that medical science could not explain and Otlile outlived western medicine’s predictions, surviving until she was two and a half years old. After all the research and knowledge, I gained, I realised I had to share it with those who might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience the benefits of organic healing methods and an organic lifestyle. And so this is how the Organic Life Fair was born.”

 Trice Mazwi recently explained briefly what organic lifestyle encompasses on her official Facebook page; Organic lifestyle to me is sustaining the human experience with natural and holistic options, healthy choices, awareness of disease causes and removing harmful chemicals that destroy life – none toxic food, water, air detergents, toiletries, treatment and therapy. Trice Mazwi believes that when you are informed especially regarding the organic lifestyle, you are more likely to make better decisions beneficial to your health. She features on Johan Rupert’s Radio Helderberg show in Cape Town on Fridays and on Ihsaan Abrahams’s IFM show in Port Elizabeth on Wednesdays.

Contact: Ngwako Serepe on 073 356 8155 or [email protected]