Transit Ads™ wraps taxis for Golden Cloud

Taxis are hard-working Out of Home media formats that take brand messaging to specific areas. Creative is seen not only by commuters in the taxi rank environment, but also by pedestrians and motorists all travelling the same route every day. As a result frequency and visibility is high, leading to great brand recall. Golden Cloud has commissioned Transit Ads™ to wrap numerous taxis, in the knowledge that their brand messaging will successfully reach their targeted audience.

The beauty of taxi branding is that taxis have mobility as well as frequency on a route; and this ensures high visibility and repeat noticeability. Furthermore, taxi branding allows for geographical targeting, thus providing the opportunity for the messaging to reach the desired consumer.

Taxis penetrate both rural and urban areas. As a vibrant outdoor advertising medium they attract a lot of attention. For more information on how taxis can work for your brand contact Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or email or go to or follow @ProvantageSA