Transform your living room with imagination!


Have an old door lying around? Here’s how you can transform your living room in seven simple steps courtesy of Builders…

Who said your old, worn-out vintage door can’t have a second life? In just seven easy, DIY steps courtesy of Builders, you can transform any old door into a unique feature that will be the centrepiece of your living room, and the envy of all your friends. You can turn it into a shelving space on which to store all your favourite ornaments, family portraits and curated collections. You can even turn it into a beautiful area where you could hang your favourite coats after a night on the town. Use your imagination – the sky is the limit.

Here’s what you’ll need: an old door, a circular saw, a measuring tape, sandpaper, paint & brushes, a screwdriver, screws, 5 x 90 degree metal L brackets, and a 3 x 300 x 300 shelf kit. Combine the above with a sense of keen enthusiasm, a couple of creative ideas and channel your inner DYI-self…and voila! And remember, no idea is too wild with Builders.

Below are a few easy steps to create your perfect feature:

  1. Cut the door in half using the circular saw. Use the measuring tape to ensure that you cut accurately.
  2. Sand the door down with sandpaper and paint the two panels, as well as the shelves.
  3. Place the two door panels at a 90 degree angle and secure 5 x L brackets along the back. You will need two people to do this – one to hold the panels and one to screw the brackets in.
  4. Now measure where you want to place your 3 x shelves.
  5. Firstly, screw the brackets that come with the shelf kit in, then the shelves.
  6. Secure the doorknob (if you’re using an old door with an existing doorknob, you can replace it with something more decorative). *Note: remove the doorknob on the side that will sit against the wall so that it’s flush with the wall.
  7. Fix the shelf in the corner of your living room and add your final personal touches or paraphernalia.

Just like that, you will have a brand new striking feature in your living room that will bring you hours of endless “love-to-look-at” joy, as well as add a splash of colour to your life. With a little bit of inspiration, a few great ideas, the backing of Builders and a large dose of eagerness, it’s as easy as these 7 simple steps.

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