The Vow returns to our screens this December

Johannesburg – The holiday season kicks off on Zee World with a chance to see one of their best and most popular series in back to back episodes.  The Vow airs from 5th of December on DStv channel 166 at 13:00.

The Vow tells a story of a naïve, simple village girl, Vidya, who was brought up in a loving home albeit from a poor family background.  She gets married to a wealthy Sagar Thakur.  However, the seemingly fairy-tale wedding turns into a nightmare when Vidya discovers that Sagar has the mind of an eight-year-old, which was caused by an accident that nearly claimed his life.  He, therefore, doesn’t understand Vidya’s role in his life.  His family uses his simple nature to take advantage of Vidya.

The submissive Vidya is lost in the jungle of unwanted relationships and unreturned love and with the addition of her scheming sisters-in-law make her life a living hell.

Will she fulfill her vow of being Sagar’s wife and win the acceptance of the Thakur family?  Tune in to Zee World this December to find out.