The power to control Africa’s story with The Creative Bar

    Johannesburg – To un-code the cryptic probabilities of our fast-changing world, one must always adapt and seek tools to propel them into the future. The Creative Bar is a 100 % Black woman-owned legal consultancy resolved on economically emancipating the African creative spirit through intellectual property.

    Kgali Kedijang, CEO and founder understands the importance of fostering an environment in which creativity and innovation become profitable and by servicing creative entrepreneurs, she believes intellectual property is the medium in which Africa can regain the power to control and narrate its story. It is also important to note that Kgali Kedijang is no longer in partnership with Katlego Malatji of Tailor Made Legal Solutions. This decision is based on her desire to branch out as an independent entrepreneur and the need to explore herself and her career in a manner in which she was unable to while in the previous partnership.

    Original thought and design are vital for the evolution and sustainable development of the future and as such, The Creative Bar records the terms and conditions of art by articulating the confines in which artists are free to create and own their works. With a target market including industry leaders in business, sports, fashion, music, television and film, its detailed eye will assist creatives to change Africa’s trajectory by providing Afro-futuristic business solutions.

    Through the legal protection and formalisation of artistic works, the Creative Bar strives to ensure that the author or owners of creative works are awarded a bundle of economic rights.

    Welcome to The Creative Bar where tailor-made law shapes the future of the legal and creative world.