The Crane and Drill Masters of Africa

Cranes and aerial platforms are indispensable when doing works of community or industrial significance such as digging ponds, lifting heavy parts, shifting heavyweight goods etc. Most cranes are massive structures which can pose great risks if not procured from trusted sources. So, utmost care must be exercised while choosing the manufacturer of an industrial crane. In this context, one is compelled to introduce readers to Smith Capital, a leading crane, aerial lift platform, and drill rig manufacturer in South Africa. They have the incredible distinction of being the one and only platform manufacturing firm in the whole wide continent of Africa. And it does not stop there; they are also officially the largest makers of truck-mounted cherry pickers, on the same continent.

Apart from manufacturing products which are ISO and SABS certified, the firm also bills them at a much lower price than similar goods which are imported from outside of the country. They do custom-built designing and delivering as per demand. Also, the high priority that they attach to client satisfaction, makes them stringently adherent to the specifications stipulated by their clients.

In aerial platforms, their specialty is the Superlift Aerial Platform range, which has won awards and accolades for the unbeatable reach, flexibility and mobility of its platforms. Some of the global brands that are included in this range are: Bronto Skylift, Terex Utilities, Oil and Steel etc. The first one is a height master, the second is famous for its insulation, and the third is famed for its height, reach and utility for small carriers. They supply to leading utility supplier firms such as Eskom.

In cranes, Smith Capital is known for their ‘CLASSIC’ line of truck-mounted cranes and cherry-pickers. These come in all sizes imaginable: small, medium and large. A lot of these are equipped with the PM Power Tronic Compact mechanism.

Their drilling rigs are of mainly three varieties—-

4) Post and Pole
5) Exploration and Grade Control
6) Waterwell

These are usually known to be mounted on the backs of trucks, tractors and crawlers. But, Smith Capital has made a successful venture of supplying rigs that are stand-alone, or are customised in any unique manner as per requirements.

In 2015, they developed their latest innovation – the 12m telescopic model “SL-T120 AP”. For more details, log on to:

Smith Capital, the largest producer of truck-mounted cherry-pickers in Africa and the sole aerial platform manufacturer on the continent, has been in operation for over 40 years. They manufacture cranes, platforms and drilling equipment in South Africa.

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Johannesburg Gauteng 1401
+27 11 873-9830/1
Phone: +27 11 589 4200
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