Textar Brake Discs Now Available in Singles

Traditionally packed in pairs, Textar brake discs are now available as single units to address local demand from retailers and consumers. 

“Although we still recommend that brake discs be installed in pairs to maintain performance, comfort and safety, we realise that there is a demand from the market for discs packed in singles,” said Claire Bowen, marketing manager – Brake Systems, Torre Parts and Components, sole distributors of Textar for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The Textar brake disc range, which has over 100 part numbers, is carefully chosen to match the most popular vehicle models on SA’s roads. A unique feature of all Textar brake discs is that they do not need to be cleaned prior to installation.  Just another good reason to select Textar as the preferred brake brand,” she said.

Textar brake pads cover more than 90% of the vehicle car park in SA including major brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford, Kia and Honda.

Textar, manufactured by TMD Friction in Germany, is the world’s largest manufacturer of brake friction products. The group produces over one million brake friction products daily, across 13 production sites in eight countries.

The products are supported by traditional catalogues as well as an online catalogue, Brakebook.com. The website provides graphical representations of the products, technical specifications and the manufacturer’s cross-reference table. All part numbers carry a 60 000km warranty.