Temporary traffic restrictions N4 Groot Marico Bridge

The Bridge on the N4 that crosses the Groot Marico River has been damaged due to recent storms in the region during December.

Liam Clarke commercial manager of Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire, operator of the N1N4 toll route, explains that one side of the bridge is damaged. For safety reasons, traffic restrictions on the bridge were introduced from 8am Friday, 13 January 2017. These temporary restrictions will continue until further notice.

“Bakwena has implemented a manual stop/go system. Vehicles will be able to use only the one side of the bridge that isn’t damaged. This is to enable Bakwena to assess the full extent of the damage. Only then can we establish what further action is required and how long remedial work may take. We are confident the bridge is in no immediate danger to road users. Restricting traffic to one side of the bridge will reduce the amount of traffic and wear and tear on the bridge per hour. This is in interest of the safety of road users,” says Clarke.

This option was determined as the most effective by Bakwena’s team of engineers. They also considered the alternative of completely closing the bridge. “However, closing the bridge altogether would have meant a 36km detour for motorists.

“We call on motorists to exercise caution and restraint while we assess the damage. A more detailed announcement will be made as soon as the extent of the damage and works required is evaluated,” concludes Clarke.