Tats Nkonzo plays “Love Doctor” in Mazansi Magic’s new dating show ‘Uyang’Thanda Na?’

Swooning over social media pictures of a crush, stealing glances from a distance, the racing heart and dry mouth at being in close proximity, or simply daydreaming about that special someone.

Well, no more longing sighs! Comedian and entertainment personality Tats Nkonzo is coming to the rescue to help admirers to confess to their crushes and hopefully skip towards the sunset to live out their happily ever after.

Nkonzo, one of the country’s most popular entertainers, will host Mzansi Magic’s new reality-based relationship show called Uyang’Thanda Na?. From the creative imagination of Parental Advisory Productions, the show is about coming out of the shadows of crushing and into the full glare of the love spotlight.

The secret admirer will receive coaching tips as well as help in setting the mood – just to help smooth out the difficult path to the confession.

Once the big reveal and confession are made, Mzansi will collectively hold its breath to hear how the admired will answer the all-important question: Uyang’Thanda Na?

Somebody’s #Crush is about to become a reality.

Catch the first episode of Uyang’Thanda Na?  Premiering on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic channel 116.