Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level with These 2016/2017 Trends

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of a home. Understandably you want yours to be at master chef level (or as close to it as possible). Even if you aren’t looking to totally redo your kitchen but simply want to add a little update here and there. Imagine the heart of your home with some of these biggest kitchen trends for 2016/2017.

  • Soft, muted colour palettes – Although white still dominates, charcoals, greys and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green and tinted whites are some of the new alternatives to standard white. When something new comes in, another must go out, so bold primary colours will exit the scene.
  • Smart spaces – It’s all about convenience in 2016/2017, so more kitchens will be sporting designated spaces and even hidden charging stations for smart devices like phones and tablets. State of the art appliances, ranging from steam ovens to built-in coffee machines and wine coolers, are also the in thing for families who are on the go.

An affordable value-add is to replace cupboard doors, but retain the original design and framework of the kitchen. This will work wonders on first impressions – which count a whole lot when a house is on the market. Cupboard doors are available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes, making it easy to come up with a whole new look. Stylish idea: Give your kitchen a trendy twist by combining cabinet doors of different colours or tonal variations. For example you could have the upper cabinet doors in one colour and the lower ones in another.

  • Fresh hues for sinks – 2016/2017 sees people moving away from your basic white and stainless steel sinks, and opting for colourful sinks that help bring a pop of colour to a neutral kitchen instead
  • Metal range hoods – Metallic finishes were one of the biggest trends of 2015. Whether it was copper, brass or bronze, it was there in small doses. This year, homeowners have become bolder, experimenting more. Wood mantle hoods are being replaced with metal hoods or a combination of wood and metal. So if you are looking to follow suit, a combination of neutral colour tones and metal hoods will bring a burst of contrast into your kitchen.

Incorporate the warm hues of rose gold, brass and copper to add a homely luxury. They’re best added as accents such as pendant lights, small appliances, cupboard door handles and kitchen gadgets. These metallics pair particularly well with white, black, blue and grey and many cabinet colours.

Smooth glassy surfaces of polished white will always be in vogue, but earthy naturals are also sought after. Wood features, wood-look floor tiles, brick wall cladding and stone mosaics are ways to bring texture and natural flair to your kitchen.

  • Automation – Sensor activated lights that illuminate the kitchen (perfect for families with small children who can’t reach light switches just yet) and even a meat thermometer that alerts your smartphone when dinner is done are some of the kitchen technologies designed to make your life easier in 2016/2017.
  • Integrated Kitchen living spaces – This trend is specifically for those who feel that they’re missing out on spending time with their families or watching their favourite series because they’re too busy chopping away in the kitchen. More and more designs are now streamlining kitchens to converge with living spaces, making it a part of the main living area or even beyond.

Kitchen and living areas merge into open-plan living. Seamless cabinetry with hidden handles and appliances concealed neatly are the tricks to getting this look right.

Kitchens merge into the rest of the living space taking open plan one step further. Your cooking area seamlessly drifts into dining area or sitting room replete with couches or a TV nook.

These six kitchen trends of 2016/2017 will help you achieve the look and feel you have always imagined for your kitchen, so be open-minded, and choose what works best for you.