Swisatec and The Green Cab are set to push the Green Transport innovation agenda in Cape Town

Both companies met on Tuesday 22 November 2016 to discuss and explore partnership opportunities in furthering the Green Transport agenda set out by Swisatec, architect and project managers behind Africa’s first green village: Blue Rock Village in Cape Town, South Africa.

Swisatec recently released a press statement giving details on its plans to integrate Electric Vehicle infrastructure as part of its green initiative. The villages plans include luxury terrace apartments, a 5-Star Hotel & Conference Centre, Spa & Wellness Centre, a high-end corporate office block (The Dollar House), Gym & Fitness Centre, Doctor’s Centre and a 10 000sqm lifestyle street within the Santa Luzia Lifestyle Centre.

The Green Cab is a multiple award-winning Cape Town private taxi company, pioneering sustainable mobility for the last 5 years. The company has recently introduced the innovative, all electric BMW i3 as its flagship vehicle with plans to launch a fully Electric Cab division “GOING ELECTRIC” operating within Cape Town area.

The car-free concept of the village is to create safe pedestrian living. It is not a village without cars, but a place where you are encouraged to have a lifestyle without one. The envisioned Blue Rock Village electric shuttle/vehicle will service the whole village, residents, and visitors can summon the electric shuttle with a mobile app, like an UBER ride, and they will be transported to their destination. This includes Airport transfers. This encourages less use of vehicles within the village.

“This presents an opportunity for us as Blue Rock Village to not only further our green ambitions but to pioneer the first green transport system, which is safe, reliable and cost-effective hence our new relationship with The Green Cab and SANEDI (Green Mobility)”

The future is here. The dependency on oil, coupled with the pollution, natural resources consumption and economic turbulence it creates cannot continue if we hope to see a sustainable future for the transport industry.

Globally the transport industry contributes around 23% of all carbon dioxide emissions per year, second only to electricity generation, which accounts for +-42%. It is estimated that vehicles throughout the world burn around 960-billion litres of fuel every year and this figure increases every year as 100 million new vehicles are being manufactured every year, keeping in mind that petrol powered cars only use 14-16% of energy to power the vehicle.

The Green Cab and Swisatec (Blue Rock Village) are set to gear up and redefine the contemporary urban mobility landscape and change how developers plan and design security estates in the future. Blue Rock Village is currently targeting a 6-Star Green Star Communities Rating by the Green Building Council South Africa; this will position the village as the first green village in Africa to achieve a 6-Star Green Star Communities rating.