Superb the Rapper Drops his Debut Single, “The Sauce”

    Pretoria, South Africa – Superb is the hot new music artist adding his raw talent and musical chops to the rap scene with the release of his new debut single, “The Sauce.”

    Composed by DJ Byron and released on the Music City Studio label, Superb puts into words the attitude of being a boss and caring about nothing but checking profits and loss. Superb’s new track has a lilting, haunting quality to the music and dynamic lyrics that will keep listeners pondering long after the last beat has faded.

    Glory Ussman Gulamo, also known as the rapper, story teller and song writer Superb, was born in Gauteng, South Africa. He began writing songs as a child and formed a friend gang that called themselves Three Phase Niggas. The three budding artists were frequently seen freestyling in the streets where they grew up.

    He gave himself the stage name of Superb after realizing that his bars and hooks were of the highest quality and exceptionally good. The beats are his own type, with the best lyrics and flows. His early influencers were hip-hop greats that include Eminem, King Los and Hopsin in the U.S. and Reason from Durban. They still continue to inspire him and spur him to greater efforts.

    He recorded his first track called “Mama” in 2015, but it was never released. Superb wasn’t happy with the workmanship on the track. He’d been working with a producer that never invested any effort into mastering the recording.

    In early 2018, the artist signed a contract with the Music City Studio and Production label that was eager to work with the talented newcomer. He began working with DJ Byron and will be releasing some new tracks in the near future.

    The release of “The Sauce” marks Superb’s official debut and the entry of a welcome new voice on the rap scene. Superb will be dropping a new album titled “Explosion” to be released in mid-2019. The title is indicative of his feelings at the sudden and uncontrollable exposure of his talent.

    In addition to “The Sauce,” Superb will also be releasing new singles while working on the album. Titles will include “Love is Blind,” “The Rain,” “PTBTM” (Proud to be the Man), “Grinding” and “A Savage.”