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MyNewsroom is a news service publishing press releases (Free Press Release South Africa) at no cost that are South African related. If you would like us to publish your press release us the below form and if you would like to publish an Event, click here to Submit – It’s FREE:

If the press release meets the editorial criteria listed below, we will publish it as soon as it reach our inbox –  few hours after submission you can visit our website to check if is already published.

You can submit press release via via email: [email protected]

Press releases on MyNewsroom (Press Release South Africa) will be published as submitted without notification.

Editorial Criteria:

  • Only press releases from South Africa will be accepted.
  • Press Release must be new to MyNewsroom. Press release previously published will be excluded
  • Press releases must include date of release, contact, and company information.

This is a news service. We do not guarantee coverage of every press release. MyNewsroom reserves the right to exclude any press releases that do not comply with editorial criteria.

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