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Submit an Event for FREE in South Africa on Find things to do in your area or promote events for free in any South African city. Categories on Mynewsroom include business, music, exhibitions, fashion, comedy, sport, lifestyle, and more! Join thousands of South African events promoters and fans who have discovered Mynewsroom – the best and easier way to promote your event in South African (All cities and provinces). How it works Send your event details via email to [email protected]. Details to Include:
  1. Name of Event
  2. Description of Event
  3. Date of Event
  4. Venue Name include street address
  5. City and Province
  6. Company Name
  7. Contact Persons Name
Who is it for? Mynewsroom is designed for individuals or businesses that want to promote their event at no cost. Mynewsroom is perfect for (but by no means limited to):
  • Music festival organisers
  • Event promoters
  • PR and Marketing managers
  • Government and organisations.
  • Event management companies
Where does the information appear? When your event is approved for publication on Mynewsroom, it goes immediately onto the site and on Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and dozens of other sites. How much does it cost? Nothing – it’s FREE (Mahala), so send email and start listing your events. You’ll be up and running so fast that your head will spin.