Johannesburg – A new e-book released this week, Talking to Africa: Considering Culture in Communications for a Complex Continent, argues that communications and public relations in Africa are not a one-size-fits-all exercise.

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The Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) announced today that the 2017 APEX awards season is officially open for entry. The annual APEX awards is hosted by the ACA, the official, representative body for the Communications and Advertising sector in South Africa.

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Transit Ads™ has implemented a campaign for DStv channel Studio Universal to target the highly desirable and economically active commuter audience. A total of seventy-four taxis have been fully wrapped with striking creative that promotes Studio Universal and the movies that are aired on it.

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by Added Value anthropologist, Marguerite de Villiers

Our senses connect our external and internal worlds; they mediate our understanding and moderate our experiences. We decode meaning through our network of connections. These interpretations are influenced by our pre-existing knowledge, memories, preferences, assumptions, and experiences.

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Nyala is harnessing the power of Transit Ads™ to strengthen brand awareness amongst consumers passing through Phoenix Plaza Shopping Centre in KwaZulu-Natal. The well-known maize meal product has branded the eye-catching, 12m high Powa Towa.  The media format is a highly visible element within a busy, high foot and vehicle traffic environment and provides the Nyala brand with the opportunity to target its audience where they are most likely to make a purchase.

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Highly skilled ProActive™ brand ambassadors ensured that visitors to the MamaMagic pregnancy and parenting expo enjoyed a positive and memorable experience. The brand ambassadors were rigorously trained with regards to various aspects of consumer engagement from meet and greet to providing directions to procedural conduct should a child be lost.

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ProActive™ is implementing a widespread activations campaign for Wild Island. With the key objectives of continuing brand awareness, promoting the product and increasing sales, the campaign is targeting shoppers in various regions including Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the Free State.

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The future of the FIFA Confederations Cup looks uncertain and it is possible that next years event in Russia will be the last – but Russia will do everything possible to make it a memorable event.

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To target an upper LSM consumer in an environment with high dwell times and a strong social element, Golf Ads™ has taken Pringles to the green.

From October to December, golfers in Gauteng are being exposed to a variety of clever creative and branding showcasing how Pringles and golf go well together. The messaging has been tailormade for the golf environment, ensuring that it elicits a response and generates high brand recall that positively influences purchasing decision.

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ProActive™, a division of Provantage Media Group, is implementing a multi-faceted campaign for South African perfume and cosmetics brand Arthur Ford. The campaign has been strategically aligned with Arthur Ford’s business model to ensure that the brand and the marketing objectives are met.

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