You’re out and about doing your monthly shopping. Your mind is at ease knowing that you have locked your car and that your valuables are safe. Meanwhile, when you were getting out of your car, a cunning criminal, posing as a passerby, opened one car door just a smidgen while you weren’t looking and is now helping himself to your hard earned possessions!

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Reports that Standard Bank has filed an affidavit seeking protection from political interference has been met with concern.

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The second South African Citizen’s Bribery Survey, conducted by The Ethics Institute and sponsored by Massmart, asked among other things whether respondents had ever said no to paying a bribe. The results show that half of respondents have never been asked for a bribe, while 60% of those who have been asked have declined to pay at some point – mostly for moral or religious reasons.

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Do not be a victim – Insure your business adequately.

 According to the South African 2015/2016 crime statistics, business burglaries during this time of the year increase exponentially, especially in empty offices and buildings.

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Payroll identity fraud is a reality in South Africa. Provincial departments, municipalities and the Department of Education are just a few of the examples where millions has been lost to ghost employees and other fraudulent payroll activities.

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As the festive season draws near, cyber criminals will pull out all the tricks in the book to try and cheat consumers out of their hard earned cash.

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According to statistics recently released by the SAPS, car hijackings have increased by a concerning 14.3% since last year and by 55% over the past 4 years. This increase has also been confirmed by Dialdirect.

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The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) is urgently appealing to residents of various townships and other role players in and around George to assist in putting a stop to the vandalism of road infrastructure along the N2 where safe pathways are being provided. This has a dramatic impact on the completion of the R43 million budget which is allocated by Treasury for road infrastructure i.e. contributions from the tax payer!

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The National Credit Regulator (NCR) joined forces with the City of Johannesburg (Regional office) and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) on Friday removing unlawful adverts, in and around Midrand, which were placed on lamp posts and traffic signs.

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Cape Town – It has come to the attention of the South African National Road Agency (SOC) Ltd that fraudulent bids are being solicited from suppliers of CCTV cameras and related equipment used to monitor traffic on freeways.

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