How agricultural sector will help tame food inflation in 2017

The current rains are a welcome relief to farmers; they are the proverbial silver lining in what has been a gloomy season.

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Despite Coordinated Efforts by Big Beverage Players, SodaStream CEO Says the Company Will Not Be Silenced About the Shameful Use of Polluting Plastic Bottle

SodaStream International Ltd. is under a global, coordinated attack by Nestlé and the bottled water industry, for its hugely successful viral campaign, “Shame or Glory”, which sheds light on plastic bottle pollution and advocates for using tap water as an alternative to disposable plastics. 

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Johannesburg – A crowd of hip-hop dancers and performers gathered at Leeuwkop Prison Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre to show their support to young prison inmates. In line with World Aids Day, The Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto) gave an educational talk on practicing safe sex as well as the importance of HIV testing and antiretroviral treatment.

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The holidays are almost upon us and the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) encourages South Africans to do their bit and minimise waste items generated, to ultimately lessen the burden on the environment.

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SodaStream CEO Says They Will Continue to Fight Against the Shameful Use of Polluting Plastic Bottles

SodaStream is facing a David and Goliath battle after the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), representing brands such as Nestlé, issued a “cease and desist” in retaliation to the latest SodaStream ‘Shame or Glory’ ad featuring HBO’s “Game of Thrones” characters.

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Johannesburg, South Africa – TCM is taking its pay-off line, ‘Powered by Movies’, to a whole new level in December, when the powerful turbo engines and pimped-up exhausts of flashy, fast cars power their way across the small screen. Petrol-heads the country over will be glued to the TV when the popular movie channel on DStv (Channel 137), premieres Fast & Furious 6, from one of the world’s most successful movie franchises.

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SA Lotto Results for Wednesday 30 November 2016. The winning Powerball numbers (Lotto Results and Lotto Plus Results) from Wednesday 30 November 2016 draw.

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It’s no coincidence that the popping of Champagne corks is synonymous with having fun – our bodies are hardwired to love bubbles.

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Henley Business School Africa has achieved 3rd place in the annual survey on Accredited Business Schools offering MBA degrees in South Africa with a mean score of 7.73.

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The Birchwood Jazz Evening, on Friday, 9 December, will be bringing Gauteng’s jazz-lovers the Christmas party of the year. The evening is set to take guests on a musical journey from the 1970s through to today’s modern jazz forms and will feature two renowned and proudly South African artists; Sipho Hot Stix Mabuse and Ray Chikapa Phiri including friends Louis Mhlanga and multiple award-winning Saxophonist Mccoy Mrubata.

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