Stay in the black on Black Friday at the Pavilion

Friday, November 25 promises to be a shop-a-thon of note at the Pavilion. So, pen those festive season shopping lists and head to the Pavilion for a Black Friday to remember.
For those who aren’t in the know, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year with mega discounts that have seen savvy shoppers sometimes queuing through the night to snap up bargains. It started in America in 1932 and is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving.
It has now spread to Europe and, even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, to South Africa and the Pavilion, one of Durban’s largest regional malls.

On home soil, Checkers was the first retailer to take Black Friday to South African shoppers in 2014. Pick ‘n Pay followed. Both are tenants at the Pavilion and have some great savings in store.

The popularity of Black Friday is growing every year with many retailers either extending shopping hours or offering ridiculous sales.
In 2015, the online customer engagement agency 25AM tracked over 18000 social media mentions of the term Black Friday on the 26th and 27th November. This figure grew more than 300% compared to 2014 where only 6000 mentions were tracked.

Because the Pavilion loves the idea of giving its shoppers the very best deals at the beginning of the festive season, we’re going all out to support our participating in-centre retailers.

However, Black Friday bargain hunting can be daunting. Here are some tips for the big day:

1.Suss out the specials: By checking out adverts and brochures ahead of Black Friday, you can plan your shopping trip and know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it. By preparing and planning your shopping in advance, the experience becomes easier and more enjoyable.

2. Budget for the big day: All those super deals are tempting – but it’s not a good idea to over spend. Write down your Christmas Budget, taking gifts, food, décor and entertaining into account. Match this against your black Friday budget and tick off items in order of importance.  If you can’t buy everything, at least you’ll know which ones are the most important.

3. Map out your mega shop:As the cliché goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Check your shopping list again and work out what’s most important and where you need to be first. We’ve grouped our tenants to make sure that you can buy all your related items together – that way you won’t waste time and energy walking up and down!

4.    Start your shopping early: Early birds catch worms and latecomers might find that discounted items run out quickly. Note stores’ trading and specific sale hours.

5.    Pay with plastic: Remember that debit and credit cards are far safer than carrying large amounts of cash. Put the amount you are expecting to spend into your credit card – and remember the added bonus is that you earn loyalty points or rewards when swiping. 

6.    Always ask for a receipt: You can’t guarantee that clothing will always fit or that you don’t duplicate a gift. So, to be sure, ask for a receipt so that goods can be exchanged or returned.

7.    Team up: Bring a friend or your family for the shopping adventure: This not only makes Black Friday more fun but teamwork means you can get far more bargains, quickly. Split up and hit the shops – but make sure you have cellphones at hand to compare prices, inform others of unexpected bargains – and eventually meet up again!

8.    Have a Snack: Don’t forget some munchies to restore your energy during your retail recce. Many of our retailers have on the go snacks and drinks. Alternatively, stop for a quick breakfast, grab and ice cream or a take-out coffee – or send a friend or family member to the Pavilion Food Court for a top up.

9.    Dress to shop: You’ll be doing plenty of walking and carrying, so wear comfy clothing and shoes to avoid hurting feet and blisters. 

10.  Keep Your Cool: With lots of enthusiastic bargain hunters for company, it’s easy to get a little stressed out. Resolve to keep your cool before you head out on your Black Friday shopping expedition – after all, you’ll be smiling when you realise just how much you’ve saved at the Pavilion!