South African Company Launches World Class Robot That Generates Huge International Interest

Ryonic Industries this week launched its RMIS robot, which has generated huge interest from around the globe in less than 48 hours after its release, with a number of blue-chip international companies indicating their intention to visit South Africa to view the technology and discuss potential strategic partnerships. The company aims to start exporting this state-of-the-art technology in the coming weeks.The RMIS robot, designed and built by Ryonic Robotics (the in-house robotics division of Ryonic Industries), is the company’s first project and has been under development for the last two years. It has been designed for heavy industries and confined space inspections and analysis, such as pipelines and mines.

The RMIS robot aims to remove humans from dangerous situations and incorporates state-of-the-art industry and world-first technology, such as 3D modelling with virtual reality integration, to address the challenges that these harsh environments present. It also has the ability to integrate an array of other sensors for analysis and testing. Ryonic Robotics both designed and built the unit in South Africa, as well as producing the majority of the necessary components locally (and are working towards a long-term goal of producing 100% of the components locally).

Ryonic Robotics has already started development of its next project, a magnetic robot that cleans ship hulls at sea, minimizing in-port costs. Cleaner hulls reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency by as much as 8%.

In addition, Ryonic Industries is actively involved in participating in attempts to develop a world-class IoT industry in South Africa.
Automation and robotics will play an increasingly important role in many industries in the future. A drastic mindshift is needed away from traditional labour intensive and expensive ways of working and the aim should be to focus on creating jobs to design, build and maintain robotic and automation systems. Ryonic Industries is committed to developing much needed engineering and technical skills in the country and to put South Africa on the global map as a leader in technology and robotics design, development and manufacturing.