South African Civil Aviation Authority to hold inaugural Aviation Industry Growth and Safety Conference

sacaaJohannesburg, The South African Civil Aviation Authority will hold it’s first-ever aviation Industry Growth and Safety Conference in Midrand from 4 to 6 November 2014. This conference will address the challenges affecting aviation growth in the country as well as explore global trends and new growth paths for our industry. The programme incorporates the National Safety Seminar, an annual safety event which is in its 8th year currently. The SACAA is moving from the premise that it is possible to nurture growth within the industry while maintaining high levels of safety. This is in direct support of the Regulators mandate of facilitating civil aviation development and growth.

Ms. Poppy Khoza, who heads the SACAA as Director of Civil Aviation, has pointed out that the growth of the aviation industry in South Africa is paramount to the country’s economic and social wellbeing, as aviation remains one of the fastest-growing industries on the continent.

“The growth of the aviation industry is part of our mandate, and while continuing the promotion of safe aviation operations, it is imperative that we encourage the growth of an industry with such wide-spread influence on the socio-economic expansion of our country and the continent,” she says.

“The SACAA as the Regulator, working together with our key strategic partners and the industry, needs to clearly define the kind of growth that we envisage for the next few years,” Khoza says.

The conference will address issues such as South Africa’s place in the global economy, competition and regulatory issues within the civil aviation environment; effective airline cost control; the survival of low cost carriers; the impact of tourism; airport taxes and the impact of legislation. Topical burning issues such as communicable diseases and its impact on the financial viability of aviation businesses, the prevailing rate of aircraft accidents, the newly launched pilot examination system as well as lessons to be learned from recent global aviation incidents and accidents and the best way to manage an aviation crisis will be debated at this inaugural conference. Legislation of unmanned aircraft is one of the most talked about crucial points in the industry and this subject will also be discussed in the conference. These topics will be presented by high profile speakers from IATA, ICAO Regional Office, CEO’s of airlines, Tourism and Aviation Agencies, Senior Officials from the Department of Transport, Executives from various government departments, entities and private companies.

The conference will be attended by representatives from the industry such as Air Operator Certificate holders, Aviation Maintenance Organisations, Aviation Training Schools, Flying Clubs, SMME’s and the general aviation sector.

“This event creates a unique platform where aviators interact with experts from various economic and financial fields for the purposes of exploring untapped avenues for growth, and such a unified approach will strengthen our efforts towards growing this industry as a reliable and supremely safe mode of transport,” asserts Khoza.


About the SACAA:

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (“SACAA”) is a juristic body established in terms of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No. 13 of 2009) (“the Act”). SACAA is governed and controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority Board (“the Board”). In terms of mandate, the SACAA is tasked with promoting and maintaining a safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation environment, by regulating and overseeing the functioning and development of the industry in an efficient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly manner according to international standards.


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