South Africa to Host Inaugural Regional Annual Sports Awards

“Celebrating excellence! Inspiring Innovation!”

JOHANNESBURG – The African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 (, which comprises 10 African States, announced today that it would be celebrating their Inaugural Regional Annual Sports Awards (RASA), at Birchwood Estate in Johannesburg on Saturday 25 June.

“This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate sports excellence, reward achievement, stimulate interest in sports, discover new talent and promote development. It also provides the opportunity to recognise sport luminaries, in and off the field of play and help position the region’s Sports Awards brand as the main event in the region,” says AUSC General Manager, Stanley Mutoya.

The awards, which will be supported by the Department of Sport and Recreation (, have been divided into 11 categories. The accolades will be bestowed upon athletes, coaches, member countries, journalists and teams that have produced outstanding performances in sport at regional and international level. “The essence of the awards is to maintain credibility by considering winners of country awards as RASA nominees,” says Mutoya.

The Chairperson’s AUSC Region 5 Special Award will also be bestowed to a country that has has taken a leadership role in the implementation of the AUSC Region 5 programmes; has well executed sport and recreation development programmes and represents athletes and teams that are excelling and bringing home medals from international championships and events.

Commenting on the awards, George Jana, AU Acting Secretary General said it had been one of the Region’s strategic targets to establish criteria and give honours and awards to member states, teams and individuals in recognition of meritorious service in sport or for outstanding achievement in sport. “The 2016 theme of “Celebrating Excellence! Inspiring Innovation” resonates with the Region’s strategic thrust, that of continuously promoting excellence in sport and recreation at all levels,” he says.

“We are honoured to be supporting the African Union and hosting the inaugural awards in South Africa. Our great continent of Africa prides itself with talented men and women who represent us well in the world of sport. South African history is not unique but is shared by many other African nations. Such history tells us sport has always been a great tool to unite a divided people. These awards will be a platform to celebrate African excellence and promote African unity,” concludes Sports and Recreation Minister, Fikile Mbalula.

The awards are expected to attract a record number of dignitaries and sports celebrities from across the region.