Sizwe Medical Fund launches its new member publication

The launch of Sizwe Medical Fund’s new member publication, #caring4life Magazine, announces the advent of a fresh and engaging addition to the “edutainment” genre in the healthcare industry.

The catchy content perfectly complements the dynamic layout, and together, they exude wellbeing, energy and the joy of living. Principal Officer, Neo Khauoe expressed her delight with this new venture on introducing the publication to the media: “Since our inception in 1978, we have been known as the most caring medical aid scheme in South Africa.  ‘Caring’ is our raison d’être and I believe that this is perfectly captured in our first edition of #caring4life Magazine.

“The wellbeing of our members is truly in our hearts because we know the impact that has on families, on their communities and on the broader society. We believe that we are playing an important role in contributing to the health and strength of our nation”, concludes Khauoe.

Gaynor Britton, Sales & Marketing Executive at Sizwe Medical Fund added that “#caring4life Magazine is a quarterly publication which will address not only issues directly related to health and the Sizwe Medical Fund and its healthcare offerings, but also topics of significance to its members from a broad spectrum of interests: sport, entertainment, celebrity profiles, education, social matters, and issues that both directly and indirectly impact the healthcare industry”.

Britton is confident that there will be an overwhelmingly positive response from members.

“We have expended a great deal of time and research on developing different communication channels to stay in close touch with our members. To this end we use all that technology can offer us, including the social networks and mobile applications. We see #caring4life as another powerful two-way tool through which we can engage with our members and they in turn can connect with us on yet another level. We are really looking forward to their feedback!”

To read a launch copy of #caring4life magazine click here: