SA’s ADvTECH buys schools in Kenya and Uganda

Africa’s largest private education provider, JSE-listed ADvTECH Ltd, continues to grow its position as the leading provider of quality private education in Africa, with the announcement of its further expansion into Kenya and Uganda. The acquisition adds 9 schools, 5 campuses, boarding facilities and approximately 4100 students to its portfolio.

ADvTECH’s expansion follows the establishment by the group of a new partnership with Scholé Ltd, which has managed various schools throughout Sub-Saharan Africa since 2012. The new partnership will strive to acquire schools across the continent and build a network of institutions known for their academic excellence in the mid-fee segment. ADvTECH holds a majority stake, with the remaining shareholding held by the original founders of Schole International and Caerus Capital, a leading international education consultancy group.

In Kenya, ADvTECH is acquiring, subject to the fulfilment of conditions, the prestigious Makini group of schools, founded in 1978 by the highly acclaimed Dr Mary Okelo. Makini is well-known for unparalleled academic excellence in the region, has 8 schools on 4 campuses in Nairobi and Kisumu and caters to 3200 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

In Uganda, the partners will continue to manage Kisubi High School, a co-ed mid-fee boarding school in Kampala, which provides a child-centred learning experience for its more than 900 students. Scholé has managed the school since 2015.

“We are very excited about the structures we have put in place to expand into the rest of Africa and the future opportunities inherent in these new relationships,” says Roy Douglas, ADvTECH Group Chief Executive Officer.

Scholé International Founder and Chief Executive Adam Nichols says he is looking forward to great opportunities with this new chapter with ADvTECH and various schools in the region.

“Our mission of increasing access to quality education in Africa, together with our desire to work with partners who share our ethos of academic excellence and child-led learning, make these new relationships a perfect fit,” Nichols says.

Douglas says it was important to identify partners who know and understand the local markets, with extensive experience in operating schools throughout East Africa.

“We have been diligent in our investigations to ensure we find the right business partners who can help us sustainably grow our mid-fee offering, to increase access to affordable education in the rest of Africa without compromising on quality or academic excellence,” he says.

“As a result, we are confident that we have assembled the best team possible, with an unparalleled track record in the management of schools, improvement strategies and expansions throughout Africa.”