Sally-Ann Creed launches activated nuts and seeds on SA market

Nutritional Therapist, Author, Researcher and Speaker, Sally-Ann Creed, has developed a range of activated nuts and seeds for the South African market – almonds, Brazil and pecan nuts as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Initially they are available at selected Dis-Chem stores in the Western Cape, as of mid June 2016, then rolling out to stores countrywide. They will also reach the market in time for her upcoming book launches during 2016.

Activated nuts and seeds, the term used in the food and health industry, particularly in whole food and Paleo circles, describes the soaking and dehydrating technique to remove the phytates, anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors from nuts and seeds. The products also taste lighter, crispier, are easier to digest and are significantly more nutritious. Often these inhibitory factors cause extreme digestive distress and intolerance in some individuals, in others it is merely a feeling of considerable discomfort – such as bloating and lethargy.

The anti-nutrients, bind nutrients preventing absorption of extremely important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, manganese and many others. By activating nuts and seeds, the enzyme inhibitors are neutralised, thereby preventing uncomfortable side effects. Beneficial enzymes are retained if the drying process is undertaken at less than 50 degrees C, which then make these nutrients and healthy fats bioavailable to the body instead of binding them.

Minerals are all-important to good health. Zinc & magnesium are responsible for over 300 important enzymatic processes in the body including immunity – constant binding of these minerals may lead to a host of deficiency symptoms, which could significantly impact good health. Iron is bound by phytic acid, needed to make red blood cells. Soaking and dehydrating raw nuts and seeds also creates an end result similar to roasted nuts, but without the added vegetable oils or high temperature roasting that can damage the nutrients and enzymes in these foods.

Comments Sally-Ann, “Large amounts of nuts and seeds put huge pressure on the digestive system as they are difficult to digest but activation makes this process easier as your own enzymes are not overworked.

Once people taste activated nuts and seeds, the lightness and crunch they offer and the superior taste, they generally find it difficult to return to ordinary raw or roasted nuts. Roasted nuts unfortunately are either dry roasted at high temperatures destroying the beneficial and vital nutrition they provide, or they are deep fried in very toxic oil. For this reason raw nuts have always been the safer option. However the enzyme inhibitors often make them something many people cannot eat – activating removes that obstacle. Activation also removes the possibility of rancidity as nuts and seeds don’t last long on the shelf before they become rancid; activation naturally extends shelf life and superior taste, protecting both taste and nutritional benefit.”

Why Activate? To neutralise phytic acid, To remove or reduce tannins, To neutralise the enzyme inhibitors, To encourage the production of beneficial enzymes, To increase the amounts of bioavailable vitamins, especially B vitamins, To improve digestion, To make the proteins more readily available for absorption and to prevent mineral deficiencies which may lead to bone loss.