SACAA clinches second AG clean audit award two years in a row

Midrand. The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is pleased to announce that the organisation is a recipient of the Auditor General’s Award for a clean audit for a second successive year. This achievement comes at a time when the organisation is celebrating its 16 years of existence since it was established in October 1998.  Further, this achievement is in keeping with the theme of October Transport month and indeed confirms that the Regulator is contributing to moving South Africa forward.

The Auditor General’s assessment of the Regulator included both the financial and operational performance and the organisation achieved 94% in the operational deliverables as agreed with the Minister of Transport in the Annual Performance Plan of 2013/14 financial year.  This achievement is further evidenced by the recent outcomes achieved in both the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) safety and security audits which confirmed that South Africa attracted no significant safety concern in the safety audit. Further to this the United States audited systems relating to aviation security and again no findings were recorded. In the organisation’s strategic intent, a new vision of being rated “amongst the top 30 CAA’s globally within five years,” is definitely within reach for this global player and regional leader.

To ensure that we retain our regulatory excellence with a continued focus on continuous improvement, the Regulator is set to maintain this record of good performance and even exceed in many areas where improvement is required.

“As an Authority in the regulatory environment, we have set very high standards for ourselves and I am encouraged by this type of recognition, as it is awarded by an independent and competent body” says Ms Poppy Khoza, Director of Civil Aviation at the SACAA.  “This award confirms what other independent international bodies have expressed about our performance in various areas and therefore cements our position of being the best Regulator not only in Africa but amongst the best globally” says Ms Khoza.

This award is not an isolated achievement for the Regulator because recently we celebrated the recognition of our Aviation Cargo Security Systems by the US Transport Security Administration and the European Union.  The US Transportation Security Administration recognition has enormous benefits for local air cargo carriers operating between South Africa and the US. This recognition allows for greater facilitation of goods between the two countries, and helps eradicate duplicative or redundant measures while still ensuring the highest levels of security that both the TSA and the SACAA require.

The European Union exempted South Africa from their stringent ACC3 Cargo regime when earlier this year they validated that the South African Cargo Security System is based on the principles of risk-based security measures and is also considered as low risk.  The EU risk assessment mechanism has identified South Africa as one of the States where the level of aviation security is recognised as robust and reliable.

This demonstrates that the organisation strives towards excellence on both the operational and corporate governance level and will continue to do so. To further better the Regulators value offering to the civil aviation industry, the organisation is currently embarking on an Organisational Structure Review exercise.  This is to ensure that it increases efficiency at all levels, to remain relevant and to stay abreast of the needs of the industry whilst dealing fairly with its workforce. The Authority is also investing on a state-of-the-art Information Technology to optimize its oversight system geared at ensuring that the mandate of aviation safety and security is upheld at all times.These projects are currently running and we believe that the benefits will be enormous to rightly position the SACAA to enhance its performance and delivery based on the legislative mandate and international requirements.

The SACAA is mandated with facilitating industry development and in-house have had many and great accomplishments in meeting its Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) targets.  During a recent verification audit, the SACAA was confirmed as a Level 2 BBBEE contributor, which constitutes an overachievement as the target status level was reached three years earlier than planned.

With a view of encouraging growth within the civil aviation sector, the SACAA will be hosting an inaugural Industry Growth and Safety Conference from 4-6 November 2014 in Midrand. The purpose of the conference is to explore ways of growing civil aviation and explore those aspects which contribute to industry development such as technology, funding and research.

In all this, the Regulator is committed to deliver on its primary mandate of regulating, controlling, promoting and enforcing civil aviation safety and security and we believe that all the above achievements contributes in positioning the organisation to be better able to deliver on its legislative mandate.


About the SACAA:

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (“SACAA”) is a juristic body established in terms of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009 (Act No. 13 of 2009) (“the Act”). SACAA is governed and controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority Board (“the Board”). In terms of mandate, the SACAA is tasked with promoting and maintaining a safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation environment, by regulating and overseeing the functioning and development of the industry in an efficient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly manner according to international standards.


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