SA Apartheid activist imparts his knowledge to DHS history learners!

Denis Goldberg is a South African social campaigner, who was active in the struggle against apartheid. Goldberg was a technical officer in the armed wing of the African National Congress, Umkhonto we Sizwe and was sentenced in 1964 at the end of the famous Rivonia Trial to four terms of life imprisonment. ( He was released in 1985, after 22 years in prison and went into exile to London before returning to South Africa in 2002.

Last week, Goldberg visited Durban High School to impart his knowledge onto the history learners from his first-hand experience of Apartheid.

Erica Goring, the history teacher at DHS truly appreciated his teaching. “Denis Goldberg’s visit was an absolutely amazing experience for both myself and the history learners. Teaching a topic like Apartheid is always “touchy” as it still affects people today,” she explained.

For Goring and the history learners, this teaching was particularly interesting as they are all part of a generation that did not experience Apartheid first-hand. “To hear from someone like Denis, who was a major part of the liberation movement, was an experience that will live with all of us because we cannot get that lived experience from a textbook. He really made history come alive,” she added.

As a result of the interaction with Goldberg, many of the learners were moved and their “eyes were opened” to important social issues like racism and standing up for what is right.

DHS thanks Denis for sharing his insight and time with the learners of Durban High School.