Road safety concerns – Kimberley R31 intersections

We refer to recent media reports about the installation of warning lights at various dangerous intersections that have seen many fatalities and crashes in the past.

SANRAL is serious about road safety and determined to finding a sustainable solution to the road safety concerns on the R31 Kimberley ring road. To clarify the situation, there are three problem intersections namely, N8/R31, N12/R31 and R31/R357, all of which have a history of a number of fatal crashes. High operating speeds and possible lack of driver awareness at the stop signals on the R31 approaches have in our opinion contributed towards the high rate of crashes. We believe that the upgrade of all three intersections, possibly to roundabouts with associated traffic calming and street lighting, will significantly improve the safety at these locations.

Two of the three intersections N8/R31 and N12/R31 fall under joint SANRAL and the Northern Cape Provincial Government jurisdictions. The 3rd intersection R31/R357 falls under the Northern Cape Provincial Government (NCPG).

In order to provide a holistic solution to the problem, it is important that the 3rd intersection between the N8 and N12 intersections be similarly upgraded. The NCPG has indicated willingness to contribute for the works. Initial preliminary studies have been concluded, and SANRAL is in the final stages of procuring Engineering Services for the detail design phase. We welcome all productive and well-intended road safety initiatives from all sectors, to help reduce the risk of serious injury and fatal crashes on the road network.