Relive Tyler Henry’s Hollywood Medium Predictions That Have Already Come True!

You better believe Tyler Henry is the real deal!

Johannesburg – As we get ready to watch the clairvoyant touch the lives of even more celebrities when season two of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry premieres on 23rd August at 9pm, we’re looking back some of the unbelievable predictions he has already made that amazingly came true!

From his premonition about Amber Rose’s love life to his message about the sex of Rob Dyrdek’s firstborn, Tyler has already proven he possesses one keen intuition. Let’s take a look at the evidence below!


While Morgan Stewart was in the process of planning her wedding to #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills co-star Brendan Fitzpatrick, she met with Tyler for a reading last December.  It was an emotional experience as he connected her with her late grandmother, Helen.  Afterwards, he also dropped a bombshell about her impending nuptials!

There’s reference to a location change,” he told her.  “It’s not a huge one. It’s a minor technicality, but it is a change.  It does involve where exactly it happens.  It’s not a huge change, like, we have to move, but there’s like a little bit of a shift in where we do it.  I promise it’s not bad.

The bride-to-be was obviously stressed out by the news; however, she continued with planning as usual.  But sure enough, two days before her May ceremony, Tyler’s premonition came true and Morgan was forced to make a small shift in her wedding venue due to the possibility of rain.

“Ummmm @tyhenrymedium can we just discuss how right you were with your prediction of a slight location change at my wedding?!” she tweeted along with an umbrella emoji. So crazy!


When Tyler met with Tom Arnold in season one, the comedian was curious to find out if he and his wife, Ashley, would have a second child.  They were already parents to a son named Jax, but Tom admitted, “It took a long time to conceive a child because of my issues. I’m very hopeful. I have a feeling it’s happening.

It does look as though that is possible,” Tyler responded.  “Generally when I see fertility issues, I usually go to the woman.  In your case, it would be going to you.  With help or assistance, it does look possible in some form.

The celebrity medium’s intuition proved to be correct once again when Tom confirmed his wife was expecting a baby girl only two months after his reading.  He tweeted, “@tyhenrymedium buddy you were right about EVERYTHING.  We are having a girl this fall.  Meant to tell you last week.  Thank you #crazyweird.”  The couple eventually welcomed their daughter, Quinn, last December!


During her reading with Tyler, Amber Rose was curious to find out if she would ever find love again or have more children following her split with Wiz Khalifa.  After thinking for several moments, he admitted he’s seeing her in a relationship with someone with a record label.  But he also told her straight-out, “I don’t want you to date a rapper.

No! I don’t want to date a rapper anymore!” she agreed.  “Get them away from me!

Hmm, keep in mind a man with a ‘T’ name,” Tyler continued.  “That’s all I’ll say.  I believe that over the course of the next—well I’m seeing spring—I see an opportunity for two relationships.  There’s a ‘T’ initial and then I’m referencing to a man with a record label.

True to life, Amber announced she had locked down her “T”—NBA player Terrence Ross—on Twitter this past March.  “@tyhenrymedium I may have found my “T,” she tweeted.  Unfortunately, their relationship was rumoured to have ended only a few months later.  Luckily for Amber, that guy with a record label is still out there somewhere!


When pro skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek met with Tyler for a reading, he and his wife, Bryiana, were so convinced they would have a baby girl first—but the clairvoyant knew better.

I do want to talk you about kids.  This is interesting and it’s a really good thing,” Tyler told him.  “Ultimately, I see you being a father for a little boy.  I can guarantee you that you will like be a father figure for a little boy in your lifetime.  I can absolutely guarantee you out of anything that I’ve said, that I know for a fact.

Five months later, the couple confirmed they were indeed expecting a bouncing, baby boy!  Go Tyler!


While all of Tyler’s predictions above have come true, there are still a couple he made that haven’t happened… just yet.  You might recall back at the beginning of season one, he informed Snooki she wasn’t finished having children.  “You definitely are going to have more kids,” Tyler said.  The mother of two wasn’t thrilled with that information until he told her she would have another little boy.  “A boy?!  I want two more boys,” she replied.  “No more girls. They’re going to be sluts, I know it.

Tyler also made a premonition that I Am Cait star Candis Cayne would date a Central American man with a “J” initial.  “You’ll ultimately have an opportunity to be in a relationship with a man that would have darker skin,” Tyler told her.  “I don’t know if he’s Honduran or a Costa Rican man. There is a heavy emphasis on a ‘J’ reference and that would be a potential partner.”  Candis was intrigued by the prospect of a new romance.  “I’m open to love, but I’m not going to settle,” she said.  “So, come on Joe, Jack, Jorge, Jesus! Bring it on!

Season 2 of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry premieres on 23rd August at 9pm only on E!