R&B Star Shekhinah teams up with Ethiopia’s Jano Band

Avant-garde soul/R&B singer, Shekhinah, is collaborating with celebrated Ethiopian music group, Jano Band, to appear on Coke Studio Africa 2017’s fourth episode which is scheduled to be televised on the 2nd of September at 6.05PM on e.tv. The pair will be produced by acclaimed music producer, Gemini Major.

Shekhinah will also feature alongside American and international R&B/pop star, Jason Derulo, and 10 other African stars, including Ethiopian music star Betty G, on Coke Studio Africa 2017’s special upcoming episode dubbed ‘Global Fusion Edition’.

Speaking at the Coke Studio Africa Nairobi press conference, Shekhinah thanked Coke Studio Africa 2017 for the opportunity, saying, “Not a lot of female artists from my country have had this kind of opportunity afforded to them. With this project, Coke Studio Africa 2017 has opened a lot of African borders and a lot of minds. I was not aware, until the collaboration, that Ethiopia had such amazingly great music. I would have never dreamt about collaborating with African artists if I hadn’t stepped out of my own country and stopped focusing on myself,” adding, “Thanks Coke Studio Africa 2017 for allowing me to collaborate and understand other cultures, this has been beyond amazing!”

Jano Band had nothing but praise for Coke Studio Africa 2017 when they were interviewed in Nairobi during the production of the show. “Being on Coke Studio Africa 2017 is a one of a kind experience as it is currently the biggest platform for connecting African artists. Our collaboration with Shekhinah has definitely been eye opening, as well as one of our best experiences so far. Her way of singing is so different from ours – she has a unique way of feeling the music and putting the words together. Our genres are so different, so fusing the two energies on the same stage was wonderful.”

Jano Band announced that they were working on releasing their second album in Ethiopia, which was recorded in Italy and America. The band said, “We are planning to collaborate with more artists from Africa and abroad including Shekhinah, after the Coke Studio Africa 2017 experience. We feel that this will fuel our energy and help us create and express our feelings and cultures which we aim to share with the rest of the world.”