ProActive™ takes beer brand to Golfers

An international beer brand recently commissioned ProActive™ to roll out a multi-faceted campaign to reach consumers in a golfing environment. The campaign is being implemented at the top golf courses nationwide and is positively amplifying the consumer’s brand experience and increasing sales.

Research has shown that in South Africa golf is a growing sport enjoyed by well-heeled consumers with an appreciation for beer. ProActive™ is successfully targeting this audience exactly where brand messaging is effortlessly assimilated and where conversion to a new beer brand is spontaneous and authentic.

“The campaign is engaging with consumers in the golfing environment, thus tapping into the brand’s audience and targeting them where they are most open to influence, resulting in maximum impact for the brand and for sales,” explains Peter KohlÖffel, National Sales Manager – ProActive™.

For more information on how to activate your brand in the ideal environment to the right consumer, contact Peter KohlÖffel on 0861 776 826 or email him on [email protected]. Go to or tweet @ProvantageSA