PPC celebrates achievements of bursary students

    Johannesburg. PPC bursary programme beneficiaries from across the country joined members of the Group’s executive team for a celebratory lunch at PPC Jupiter today. The 21 students are all at various stages of their studies, with a strong focus on future careers that speak to highly sought-after skills at the company. Touring the plant after lunch thus gave them the perfect opportunity to start picturing themselves “in action” at PPC among potential colleagues of the future…550

    First, second and third year students from 12 universities around South Africa celebrated their achievements and personal and academic growth over the past year with their parents and PPC team members earlier today. Joined by PPC CEO, Johan Claassen, the learners were given an opportunity to reflect on their triumphs, learnings and challenges – and encouraged to continue working towards realising their dreams.

    Speaking at the event during, Claassen congratulated the students on their efforts and achievements, noting that they have all taken another positive step forward towards promising future careers. “While many people might tell you otherwise, always remember that your future is in your own hands. Keep planning for it. Keep working towards it. Dream big – and let those dreams guide you.”

    PPC Group Manager of CSI Kabira Akoob, who coordinates and runs the programme, added her congratulations, urging the students to also see themselves as future leaders and key contributors to their communities and the country. “Tertiary education remains a dream for many of your peers and fellow learners, making your responsibility to use this opportunity wisely even greater. As future engineers across multiple disciplines, your work will influence others in no small way. Your choices and decisions will shape collective destinies. This means you not only need to be an expert in your own field, but also in listening, compassion and kindness. This is how you will grow others as you grow, creating a future you can be truly proud of.”

    First launched in 2008, PPC’s bursary scheme is an investment in both the company and country’s greater future. It has seen 30 students graduate during this time: a combination of those from its community programme started in 2008 and its “children of employees” programme which was initiated in 2015. The scheme is aligned to meeting current and future skills requirements of the group and greater sector, with a strong focus on chemical, electrical, mechanical, mining and industrial engineering. Environmentally-oriented degrees are also being supported.

    “With over R2.2 million invested in the current group of students, PPC is excited to be assisting them shape their future journeys,” says Akoob. “While today’s lunch might be considered a ‘small scale’ affair, it’s representative of something far bigger and much more significant. It speaks of our firm belief in these children and their ability to change the world for the better. We wish them every success with their studies – and in realising their dreams.”

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