Philips SA Lighting stands in support of Earth hour

Modern society would be unimaginable without abundant electric light, which for more than a century has illuminated our homes and cities. Philips, a leading lighting company, is urging everyone not only to join in the Earth Hour movement, but when the lights are switched back on, make the switch to the energy efficient lamps and solutions that allow us all to reap far reaching benefits.

Earth Hour is a global environmental movement aimed at driving awareness and action on climate change. Residents and businesses are encouraged to switch off all lights and appliances for one hour between 8.30PM and 9.30PM every year. This year, Earth Hour will be observed across the world on Saturday, 19 March 2016.

“Energy consumption is a very crucial topic worldwide and Earth Hour is a great initiative to drive conversation about sustainability and make people more aware of the impact their individual choices make to a country’s sustainability efforts. We are very proud that Philips can join this conversation and help make a positive difference to the society we live in,” says Reggie Nxumalo, Philips Lighting, general manager, Southern Africa.

Most of us almost never think about light, because it is readily available at the flick of a switch and this is what drives organisations like the WWF to create initiatives like Earth Hour to drive awareness on global sustainability issues. We cannot live without light but the availability of it and its impact on carbon emission issues cannot be ignored. Philips continues that global initiative by providing lighting solutions that are both eco- friendly and energy efficient, keeping in line with global standard practices.

There are a full range of replacements available to consumers including compact, fluorescent and LED which are all retrofit solutions for current lighting fixtures.

The 9.5W LED bulb provides up to 85% energy savings for the user and emits a pleasant bright light for multiple uses in the home. The Philips LED will last up to 15 years during normal use.

Philips believes that the key factors that will drive change are awareness and education on the benefits of energy-efficient lighting solutions. “By switching to energy efficient lighting, such as LED bulbs, people can save up to 80% in energy consumption and enjoy reduced costs,” adds Nxumalo. “Philips Lighting has continually encouraged consumers to make the simple switch to energy-efficient lighting solutions, which will massively impact the country’s sustainability initiatives and green ratings. There is a wide range to choose from today that will result in a better tomorrow.”