Optimise your health the fun way with GEMS

Dance, skip and walk your way to weight loss

Leading an active lifestyle and reaching your ideal weight need not be a drag. The recently launched GEMS Fitness programme encourages members to get into shape the fun and high-tech way. At no additional cost, the Government Employees Medical Scheme’s (GEMS) members and their dependants who are also employed in the public service can apply to take part in this health and exercise programme.

“This is in keeping with the GEMS commitment to provide public service employees with access to excellent healthcare, which is both affordable and efficient. GEMS’s philosophy is to encourage proactive health, which not only can go a long way to preventing non- communicable diseases but can also help with stress management and boosts the immune system,” says Liziwe Nkonyana, Executive: Communications and Member Affairs at GEMS.

“Exercise not only sculpts the body but also has innumerable benefits for the body’s health. People who exercise regularly are less likely to contract illnesses such as colon cancer, for example. Exercise also assists in the management of other healthcare risks and medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes. In combination with a balanced and varied diet, exercise also assists in the prevention of heart disease and stroke, as well as assisting in the management of high blood pressure,” adds Liziwe.

“GEMS also understands that embarking on an exercise regime can seem daunting to members, which is why the GEMS Fitness programme has been specially designed for maximum fun to keep motivation levels up,” notes Liziwe.

Benefits of joining

  • An annual fitness assessment,
  • Access to a GEMS Contact Centre that provides health coaches and support agents for wearable device and fitness-related queries,
  • Access to onsite exercise sessions, and
  • Comprehensive information on exercise, nutrition and all the information you need to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, members have access to the GEMS Fitness Journey portal via My Health to help them track personal journey to fitness. It includes a range of features such as challenge my friends, view my wellness/fitness reports, view my overall health and many more.

Validated members can join the GEMS Fitness programme through the GEMS Fitness call centre on 0860 00 4367.